Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter doldrums---still

We are having very cold weather for Georgia still and many people are just staying indoors. A lot of people don't have heavy enough coats for this weather.

The seed companies are smart. I am getting my catalogs for spring already. I think the first one came Dec 27th. It perks me up to dream of my spring garden. This spring I will be attempting a potager garden in some reclaimed space between our lots behind a fence. I will do the work and share the vegetables. The seed catalogs are fun to try and figure out how to do this. I have never done many vegetables and I want to pattern it after some potager gardens I saw in France.
Nothing as grand as the one at Villandry(above) wouldn't it be wonderful to have that much room?
It is important that I use the space wisely since it is a small space and also important for it to look pretty and have designated planting areas. I may do it raised bed style too.

So while the wind whistles and tears at my precious vines outside I sit inside dreaming of my French potager to come.

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