Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink, Pink everywhere--in Charleston!

I said yesterday there is a lot of pink in Charleston and I wasn't joking. Here are a few more photos of pinkness in the historic district. Again, not just pink but texture and depth of color make for interesting photos.

As many times as I walk the streets and take photos I always find something new to enjoy when I am there. The historic district is colorful anyway in more ways than one!! Charleston has been voted the friendliest city in USA several times and I believe it. People are warm and gracious and there are certainly a number of resident "characters" living in historic area. It seems many writers and artists like to live there which makes sense to me-- all that beauty can only fuel one's creative spirit--plus no harsh winters what else could an artist want?
Because Charleston is such a walking city you have the time to notice things like the pink bricks in the sidewalk. Those bricks were probably used as ballast in a ship coming over from Europe years ago. God is in the details they say and there are certainly many beautiful details in Charleston if you take the time to "see" the city.

Have a PINK day!

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