Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cherry trees and other loves

I know how mothers must feel worrying about their child even though the child may be fully grown. I have a Yoshino cherry tree in the front garden- she is beautiful and I planted her 12 years ago. One of my reasons for living in the South is our great growing season and the ability to grow Yoshino Cherry trees. I have watched this tree grow from 5 ft to over 20 ft now. She is full and fluffy in spring and when the wind blows we see what the Japanese call "Cherry snow" she drops her white petals sometimes forming a little mound of petals and it sure looks like "snow".
With our extrememly cold weather and its long duration these past few days I am worried about my Yoshino. I wish I had put in more than one cherry tree but I am so happy to have one. I wonder what this cold will do to the bloom quality? I love standing under my tree and just looking up into the cloudlike mass. Some springs I go to Macon to the Cherry Blossom Festival. They have more trees in Macon, Georgia than D.C. has around the tidal basin. Some of the streets are so heavily canopied with Yoshinos that it is like being in the clouds and when you drive down that street you whisper -don't know why but everyone seems to have that reaction.

In Japan they have days for viewing the blossoms and make picnics and parties around this event. I like that idea. Food and pretty blossoms is a winning combination! In the movie Memoirs of a Geisha there is a scene where they are viewing the cherry blossoms and it is a stunning vision. Later I learned that the Yoshino in the movie is actually made of paper blossoms but it appears real on screen.

So on this cold winter night I sit in my warm house a bit worried about my beautiful Yoshino, wishing I could wrap her in something warm and protective but all I have is my love to give her.

Have a pink day!

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