Friday, January 1, 2010

Pinker and pinker...

My world is always getting pinker. Lest you think I have shown you all my pink items --au contraire-- I have been collecting and using pink items for over 30 years and people often gift me with things they think I need or do not have.

I have decided today, since it is the best day for new beginnings, to do more crafts in 2010. Here are a few shots of my many pink accoutrements that are in use daily. Do you know anyone else with a pink seam ripper or pink knives? The pink Harrods tote was a gift from my wonderful friend Debbie Nelson. I swear when I see pink things or pink flowers my heart beats faster!!

Now that I am a devotee of blogs I see so many creative ideas and so many pink things--I am not the only one .I may be the longest pink lover and pink buyer but I am not alone. Even my husband buys pink shirts for himself now.

Let me be more creative this new year and make my life even pinker because for me:

Pink equals happiness!

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