Monday, January 18, 2010

Roses and roses and more roses

C'est magnifique- we were 60 degrees today in Atlanta. I went outside to do some much needed bed clean up . Peonies are my passion but I also love pink roses. We have some in our garden mainly New Dawn climbing ones and a few bush pink roses.

Roses are fairly easy if you do the prep work and plant in a good spot. Just like life do the ground work and the rest sort of flows along. Since our garden is smallish I tried to make it look like a Charleston walled garden. It is very private when we are out there due to the tall trees all around my fence line.

Here is a shot of the Chelsea Garden Show in London many years ago. I think the London Sun or some other newspaper sponsored this fairly traditional town garden and it won . I love the look of it and all the roses. England and France have great rose growing climates as California does here. I love the secluded feeling which is especially necessary in a town garden. We are close to our neighbors on all sides and that canopy of trees and the privacy they provide is enormously welcome.

Today is a day to dream of roses .

Have a PINK day!

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