Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pink hot chocolate on a cold,cold night

A dear friend sent me some pink hot chocolate. I will make it soon --it is only about 20 degrees here now. I didn't know hot chocolate came in pink !! See always finding new pink ways or things to make life fun.

When it is so cold and icky I try and bring some color into the house usually with flowers as I have done in the photo today. It is amazing that one can get almost any flower any time of year.

While checking out some new blogs I found an amazing person , Joy Gabler,who hand colors little paper birds--see above photo. I plan on buying some from her to use on packages, or on the pink and white Christmas tree or maybe just perch a few around the house on mirrors. She also adds some glitter and ribbons to them. Joy can be reached at verybunny@flash.net. I found this photo on Vingettes Antiques blog.

That is a sure way to brighten up a spot-- perch a glittery bird on top of a mirror. I think in Marie Antoinette's day she would have loved these birds--perhaps she used something like them in one of her towering head dresses. Some of the hair styles had full battle ships and live animals and women had to bend down to avoid hitting top of doorway!! When I think of that I am glad not to have been born then. Although the bounty of beauty during that time was astounding --when you look at the furniture and china and music and art in a way I would love to go back to that era. I will expand on these areas in future posts but right now I just want to stay warm and drink my PINK hot chocolate !

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