Monday, January 11, 2010

Presentation is tres important mes amies !

My little order from Paper Nosh arrived today! I love ordering on line and getting packages at home to open. Of course there is that pesky little bill or debt on PayPal. Ahhm

Look what a fabulous job Paulette does with the paper items. It is just like opening a really fancy gift! The double-faced satin ribbon, the shiny un-dented paper box, her business card with glitter and a handwritten note of thanks and a little bonus gift too!!

If you want really unique paper goods, even wedding invitations she is doing things no one else is doing in the market right now. Many of her stock pieces (if you can call these detailed confections "stock") have my monogram of M over A on them and have a French theme or Versailles theme so for me they are perfect. I can hardly wait to need more.

Another gift wrapping tip- I often find most creative wrap at artist supply stores and the Container Stores!! Check it out--it is so European to wrap a gift well and present it to the recipient.
Gifting anyone with some of her paper art would be a special treat and long remembered in part because of the exquisite presentation. Sometimes the presentation is more important or just as important as the gift itself-it says you took time to wrap or to find someone who creates something unique and paid attention to the details.
Paper Nosh creations can be found :,,

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  1. Hi Marie ! You know I just found this lovely feature on the items you ordered from me. I often wonder if things arrive in the condition that I so painstakingly send them off in. I was thrilled to read your compliments and see that, indeed, they look as if they didn't travel all the way across the US !
    Please accept my sincere thank you for being such a lovely customer and for the referral to your friend Becky.


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