Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paris- Iconic water fountains

Years ago on my first trip to Paris I was amazed by these cast iron scturtures and learned that they are water fountains. After the Seige of Paris it was hard for poor people to get free drinking water. In 1872 Sir Richard Wallace donated 50 of these water fountains to the city and they are still standing and working today. The water flows from March 15 to November 15 and is a clean, free source of water for wealthy and poor alike. There are in many areas of the city.

In Paris everything is beautiful it seems so to me!! These fountains have become part of our collective consciousness of Paris- real icons.
Sir Wallace now rests in the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery. He was awarded the French Legion d' Honneur for the services he performed for Paris. In London his home houses The Wallace Collection-- many wonderful pieces of French furniture, Sevres porcelain and paintings we all recognise by Boucher and Fragonard. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon in London-- especially if it is raining outside.

Next time I am in Paris and have a sip of water at one of the fountains I will say a merci to Sir Richard.

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to be able to visit Paris and see these wonderful fountains in person!! I enjoyed hearing the history behind them. I am a little late getting around to all the Pink Saturday posts so please forgive me. I hope you are having a fabulous pink weekend! Happy Pink Saturday! Vicki


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