Friday, January 22, 2010

European lifestyle in Charleston, SC

One of my favorite things to do is hop over to Charleston , SC for a few days. It is a beautiful, small city with big city amenities and a very European atmosphere. It is an old city which is a huge part of the appeal and history draws tourists .

One of the reasons I like it beside the above, is that there are many pink buildings and stones and walls in the historic district. My favorite wall is on Meeting Street .I just love it . Look at the texture and the varied shades of pink in it. I often go by it and many times take photos of it. In Charleston this wall is like my bridge is in Paris--I know I am there and love it when I get near "my wall".

Charleston is a celebration of history , manners and Southern charm. It has been called ,"A city set in a garden" and that is so true. Just walking the street and breathing in that fragrant air is a delight.

Culture abounds in Charleston, from ballet to opera to many art galleries--it is all there. So when I can't get to Paris at least I can visit another beautiful city with history and culture and beauty. If you have the time put Charleston on your short list of places to visit. Citizens of Charleston know they have a good thing and they protect it with strict zoning laws and on-going preservation.Beauty is important to them as it is to Parisians.

Have a PINK day!

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