Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paris pretty pour moi

Bon Jour! I am in a very French mood today. While out shopping this morning at Ulta I found these wonderful eye shadows by Bourjois--tres chic and a definite pick me up since I have been feeling a little under the weather last few days.

I never watch daytime TV but today, while making my slimming salad, Rachel Ray was on my TV and she had the author Debra Ollivier on talking about how the French woman's mindset is different from ours in respect to love and relationships. She wrote the book What French Women Know- excellent book.I love to learn about how the French think because that is what is interesting and different between our cultures. She pointed out that French women do not enter into relationships always thinking it will lead to marriage. They do not have a word for "date" in French! It is not such action/result mind set as in United States in regard to l'amour.

When we open ourselves up to learning about others and not just brushing off these differences it really makes you appreciate all points of view and it explains why we react differently to similar situations. It also is good to know these things if you plan on traveling to different cultures and if you find one place that you really enjoy learning all this only aides you in your travels and in developing relationships with people from other countries.

So I have had a fulfilling day thinking of my French travel and French culture and enjoying my little French treat-- the French are so good at packaging and doing things in limited quantities (these little French scenes on the shadows will soon be gone) which keeps you looking for the new and unique and makes each edition of whatever it is more special since it won't be around again.

Do I find all these French things or do they somehow find me?

Have a PINK day!

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