Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Queen would have loved this...

Remember I mentioned that my friend sent me some pink hot chocolate? Yes? well I made some last night. At first I was sure it was a joke because the powder is white.

After I heated the milk (in my pink sauce pan)and poured it over the powder it became PINK !!


It was very yummy, I just wish I had my pink heart shaped marshmallows to top it with but , je regret, I have eaten them all. I Googled pink hot chocolate and you can purchase it on line The name is McStevens if you want the same one I had.

I am sure Queen Marie Antoinette would have loved this! She loved sweets and drank hot chocolate in her day but it was a bitterer brew back then.

J' adore eating/drinking pink food--my favorite champagne is pink of course. I am planning a summer tea party where all the food will be pink.

So for a few moments last night as I sat sipping my pink hot chocolate I pretended I was queen.

Wait, What am I talking about?
I am Queen of my pink world!!!

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