Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pink bath time fun!

Well today I am bit under the weather and weather is still awfully cold here! So I plan on staying in and taking a nice bubble bath with all my fun pink bath toys and soaps. I usually light a Charlotte Moss Virginia candle ( the only place in Atlanta that I know carries her candles is at The Mercantile on Dresden Drive-sort of near Hastings Garden Center) Barbara Heath has a wonderful shop and carries unique things and offers design services as well.

But I digress, I love to take a nice bubble bath--my bath secret--I use Publix pink bubble bath liquid in Bubblegum scent! It is the best for bubbles mild and not too much fragrance-so I can add other scents or just use scented soaps. I collect cute pink rubber duckies they are fun they light up buried in the bubbles and it looks pretty. Surrounding my tub I have placed bath salts and other goodies in waterford cookie jars and other pretty containers mainly because I don't have any place to store them and might as well use them for something. The area around the tub isn't large but it is pretty and fun to look around. I put the chandelier on dimmer too and dim that and just listen to my PINK I pod Nano and enjoy my bath.

Some days are meant to relax and regroup and dream of trips to take and things to do.

Have a pink day!

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