Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chocolate Pink delights

Today is a rainy cold day and in my world when it is gloomy I go for the pink pastries or other delights. In Atlanta there is a wonderful pastry shop/cafe called Chocolate Pink. I go there for the pink food and the delightful ambiance.
It was chilly today so I opted for hot chocolate rather than usual tea and had a champagne cupcake with raspberry topping. Wonderful and beautifully presented. We also got some handmade truffles to go. They have a sugar painted glaze on the truffles-- so pretty!!
Chocolate Pink is on Juniper Street in Atlanta or
What I like about Chocolate Pink (beside the cute name) is that their pastries are made more like European ones- not as much sugar more flavor of the vanilla or fruit and less sweet. In Europe I always lose a pound or two per week in part because less sugar consumed and all that lovely walking. I don't skimp on the pastries while there either I eat what I want for those weeks of bliss in France.

Have a PINK day!

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