Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tutu beautiful

Tutus are magical aren't they? Just seeing one makes my heart flutter!
When I lived in another place I had the costume sewing gals make me a real professional tutu- all white for Odette in Swan Lake. I was Odette that Halloween. Here is what I learned- tutus are not comfortable you must stay very straight in posture (a good thing) and it is basically a corset top with little give so you can't take huge breaths. It is also a two piece thing and the under side of the tutu (I am speaking of the classic tutu like one in photo above) comes with a pantie sewn on it and the pantie is a mesh thing- you just wear your tights under the pantie!! I was shocked -didn't expect that. Even knowing all this I still think they are magical and when you put one on you become another person--a more graceful person. I always associate tutus with France although I believe ballet originated in Italy. But so many of the classic ballets came from French fairy tales maybe that is the link in my mind.

Enjoy the tutu photo and picture yourself dancing. Floating and twirling and gliding like a swan.

Have a PINK day!

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