Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pink lace and flowers for a pretty closet

Always working on the too small closet to make it neater and easy to find items. The pretty boxes from Michaels helped a lot . I also always use padded hangers--Bed Bath and Beyond always has them and sometimes you find nice ones in speciality shops or linen shops. They are gentler on the clothes--of course I usually get the pink ones !!

I purchased these hatboxes from a company called Marcela about 20 years ago they did ring boxes and hat boxes and pretty fabric covered jewelry boxes too. they don't really make these any longer. I have 4 and I use them for storage in different areas usually in master bed and bath. It is so fun to look at the flowers and lace on top--like some fancy wedding cake.

Another cool rainy day here so I am working (with help from that tres chic Valentine Fairy) on organization still and Valentine presents. And trying to figure out how the photos got messed up in the previous post I moved the text but it stays same on the blog-- huh?

Where ever you are

Have a PINK day!

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