Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow the pinkness. . .

In looking over more Charleston photos (I do not work for Charleston tourism really I don't) I see many that I took of paths and doors--some pink some not. But it is intriguing isn't it to see a pretty path and just want to follow it--or someone with a festive door or a door painted a pretty color -I always wonder what the inside looks like.!Make your home inviting -plant fragrant plants along the path to the door, put different door wreaths or swags out for the holidays and not just Christmas..

When guests come over the door or path is their first impression --just like our handshake or how we dress to make a good impression our home should invite people in engage their curiosity.. I know of one company Door Decor who has made a real business of decorating the front door. They have a web site I believe check them out some cute ideas.

Presentation is everything just like beautiful gift wrap a door or path should intrigue and invite and be interesting--you are --so should your door.
Have a PINK day!

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