Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cold night ----time for a cup of tea

Cold weather is not my friend. I am not happy unless it iabout 73 outside. I only want cold and snow on Christmas day. I spent too many years living in cold and had frost bite a few times!!

So during these extremely cold for Georgia days I resort to space heaters, hot tea and more of my organizing of closets and shelves. I like to sit snuggled under a pink throw and drink my Marie Antoinette tea from Laduree. I do not make hot water in a microwave-- Quelle horror!! I make it on the stove in a pink tea pot bien sur.

If I am not reading while I sit and sip I like to look at some of my many photo albums. Several of the albums are just full of pictures of my girls ( 3 dogs one cat) doing fun stuff and then we have the travel photos and party photo ones too. Memories are so special and when you have the time it is fun to look over old pictures and dream of returning to some of those vacation spots.

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