Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fanciful tutu for moi!

Over the summer when I discovered all the neat blogs out there in blog world I stumbled across one that is created by a paper artist. I had an idea in my head for a long time about creating a paper tutu art work. I am lazy about my own artistic attempts so when I saw this blog I got in touch with the artist Noel Solomon and sort of drew my idea and faxed it to her.

Her blog is called Fanciful Designs she makes wonderful roses, paper shoes, swans and other ethereal pretties.

As you can see ,from the above result , she executed a lovely pink tutu for me and I display it in the master bedroom. Ballet has always been of interest to me, took some classes but I love to see the magic on stage. How I would love to be a little butterfly in the back of the theatre watching the scenery being moved and scrims going up and down. Seeing how the costume mistress fixes a tattered tutu.

I learned many years ago not to get front row seats--no one wants the illusion broken of the dancers gliding across the floor and floating in air. If you are too close you see them sweat and hear breathing and thumps!! Oh no-- not in my ballet fantasy land. So mid orchestra is good for me or first row of balcony is also a great area.

Since we can't go to the ballet weekly it is nice to have a little paper tutu work of art to enjoy and bring back beautiful memories of sitting in the dark, hearing the orchestra tune up and seeing that first ballerina leap out from the wings.

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