Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite spot

I don't feel like I am in Paris until I go to my favorite spot-- it is the bridge Alexander. You see Tour Eiffel from there and the bridge's lamp posts are works of art. The lamp posts were in the movie Gigi (an all time favorite ) just briefly but they made an impression on me.

I think that is what good travel is -a series of very vivid impressions visual and sometimes scent / auditory too. When I think of Paris the color of that pinkish-blue sky and the lamp posts and Laduree boxes and the blue color of most of the doors and rooftops come flooding into my mind- the ornate door knobs in the center of doors pops into my head too. When traveling it is my goal not just to" see the sights" but to learn something about the people and the reasons why they are different yet still in many ways the same as we are at their core.

There are wonderful people in every place if you take the time to look and to listen. Opening your eyes to the beauty of the location should allow you to also open your mind to the cultural differences as well.

I hope you get to go to the place you love most in the new year!

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