Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hotel Ritz --Paris not your usual viewpoint

Bon jour. This may strike you as an odd post --that is ok I understand. Paris is always on my mind and today I found the photos to go with this post.

Everyone it seems wants to stay at the Ritz in Paris at least once. I doubt I will ever be able to afford to stay there but I did take tea at the Ritz --outdoors in front of a large hydrangea bush. It was delightful. That is one photo above.

While there I had to visit the powder room. It was the most beautiful powder room I have ever been in and I have seen some very pretty ones in show houses and in other hotels and resorts.

The room is sort of round and the walls are all boiserie in a cream shade so soothing and also cozy and grand at the same time.
Another fun thing to do at the Ritz ( and you do not have to be a hotel guest) is to take some cooking classes in the basement at the Ecole Escoffier- the school is named after the first Head Chef of the Ritz. Auguste Escoffier created the Peach Melba dessert. Some classes are filled with professional chefs or pastry chefs. I happened to be in one of those but my" food French" is pretty good and they had a translator so I was fine. My chef was a bit of a stand up comic so it was not stressful at all. Contact Hotel Ritz for classes and fees.
Next trip I may try tea again and I am sure I will pop into that pretty first floor powder room.
Oh and one other neat thing about the Ritz-- ladies you hook your hand bag onto a little thing under the table top so you don't have to place those Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags on the floor! All restaurants should do that!

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paris- Iconic water fountains

Years ago on my first trip to Paris I was amazed by these cast iron scturtures and learned that they are water fountains. After the Seige of Paris it was hard for poor people to get free drinking water. In 1872 Sir Richard Wallace donated 50 of these water fountains to the city and they are still standing and working today. The water flows from March 15 to November 15 and is a clean, free source of water for wealthy and poor alike. There are in many areas of the city.

In Paris everything is beautiful it seems so to me!! These fountains have become part of our collective consciousness of Paris- real icons.
Sir Wallace now rests in the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery. He was awarded the French Legion d' Honneur for the services he performed for Paris. In London his home houses The Wallace Collection-- many wonderful pieces of French furniture, Sevres porcelain and paintings we all recognise by Boucher and Fragonard. It is a lovely way to spend an afternoon in London-- especially if it is raining outside.

Next time I am in Paris and have a sip of water at one of the fountains I will say a merci to Sir Richard.

Have a PINK day!

A good day to bake.. . in pink style

Today is a good day to make some bread or bake a pie. Cold rain outside and a chilly morning. It helps to have so many pretty pink items to work with when I cook or bake.

My kitchen and family room are green (see not everything is pink) and all my cooking items are pink- my blender and large mixer, wine bottle opener, whisks and tart pans--all pink. It took me years to acquire all this. My latest find was a pink rolling pin and pink wine bottle stoppers.
I was thinking of making French baguette today but after watching Julia Child's Baking with Julia show and seeing how long it takes to make French bread I decided to make something else! Did you know that in France the government regulates the price, weight, ingredents and the "resting time" (when bread is removed from over it must rest 20 minutes before being sold) of the humble baguette? France is serious about bread!!

Collecting pink kitchen items is now easier because in October many companies make pink items ( like Kitchen Aid they were one of the first to do this) and some of the sale money goes to Susan G Koman because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A win/win situation for pink lovers and doing something for finding the cure.

My behind the stove back splash is new. I had a talented artist , Jill Mulry, transfer her photo of a pink peony to tiles. I love it--I can be in the garden while I cook.You can reach Jill at

Well, mes amis, I am off to bake something--should I make it pink? What do you think?

Have a PINK day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

More l'vie en rose ...

My pink life or, l' vie en rose, is, as I said, a state of mind as well as having PINK objects. Your pink life could be blue or green what ever makes your heart sing or brings a smile to you.

It is so fun finding all my pink things that make life full of pinkness. Here is a peek inside my top drawer of my writing cabinet. Pink heart shaped eraser, pink stapler, pink paper clips and pink bird paper clip holder. It goes on and on but when I open that drawer to do some writing or work I see something fun and useful too.So all day long as I clean or work around my home and garden I use pink items to make my work less like work !

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pink peony ring- j' adore..

I have been trying to find out who makes this delightful pink peony ring. I saw it on the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things back in April. If anyone knows please email me. It is so fun- with my obsession with peonies and pink it would be the perfect ring for me.

With Valentine's Day looming in near future I wish I could find out !

Have a PINK day !

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Follow the pretty path...

I am still thinking of pretty paths or alley ways- many abound in Charleston. Even the side path or back alley is pretty there. Here is one of my favorites a home on Queen near Meeting Street. The path is between a home and a business building but still so pretty. Don't you want to follow it to the back garden?

Maybe I like paths so much because I am always looking to the future. I do believe life gets better almost all the time. A path like this could lead to just about anything- a garden, a pool, a boxwood garden. Just like life sometimes you have to be willing to go in a somewhat unknown area before you reach the goal. Follow your heart and your curiosity- be a path finder!! Do it in pink of course !!

Have a PINK day!

Living pink...

I really do live a pink life, from waking up on my pink Yves Delorme bed linens to brushing my teeth with my pink tooth brush and rose flavored toothpaste- then using my pink blow dryer and making my coffee in pink coffee maker. Then if I am lucky a nice relaxing bubble bath and maybe later in day sitting in my chair in pink bedroom reading about France or one of my hobbies.

What can you do to make your days "pink" ? It is a mindset as well as just having the physical objects. I make the decision to be happy, to be positive and all my pink items help with that to some degree but living a happy life is only controlled by you by your thoughts and actions.

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow the pinkness. . .

In looking over more Charleston photos (I do not work for Charleston tourism really I don't) I see many that I took of paths and doors--some pink some not. But it is intriguing isn't it to see a pretty path and just want to follow it--or someone with a festive door or a door painted a pretty color -I always wonder what the inside looks like.!Make your home inviting -plant fragrant plants along the path to the door, put different door wreaths or swags out for the holidays and not just Christmas..

When guests come over the door or path is their first impression --just like our handshake or how we dress to make a good impression our home should invite people in engage their curiosity.. I know of one company Door Decor who has made a real business of decorating the front door. They have a web site I believe check them out some cute ideas.

Presentation is everything just like beautiful gift wrap a door or path should intrigue and invite and be interesting--you are --so should your door.
Have a PINK day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine's Day I can't wait!

I am like a 5 year old. I can't wait for Valentine's Day to arrive! I have my V day gifts all made up but cannot show yet-I don't want to ruin the PINK surprise. My Valentine's are usually pink - quelle surprise !! Ha

Here is a little sneak peek--all that I can show till February 13th!! L'amour is a big part of life is it not? It is only right that we have a day celebrating love in all forms. My "girls" (Maltese dogs and my dear cat) will all get a Valentine treat that day too.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Letters mingle souls...

On rainy days like today I often write letters to keep busy. Years ago I had an idea to make a lap desk that I could carry around or use sitting up in bed for letter writing. The neat part is you can store things in the lap desk. I wanted it to look French, bien sur, and pink and be something that I thought a woman in the court of Louis XV time might use.

I was lucky to know a very talented decoupage artist ( M J Toole) that happened to live near me at the time. She has made my lap desk a true work of art. I have used it now for almost 20 years and if the house is on fire it would be one of the things I would try and grab before running outside! Decoupage came from Japan via Italy and France. Marie Antoinette and others at court became quite enamoured of it and their scissors flew creating all types of decoupaged items.

John Donne said, " Letters mingle souls; for thus friends absent speak." and even in this email age I have friends who write me letters. I used part of that quote on inside of my lap desk. One dear friend in Colorado ,Becky Metcalf, sends me the most amazing letters not only lovely penmanship (a skill I lack) she also makes them little works of art ---water coloring flowers and things on the letters and envelopes. We have had a pen pal friendship for over 20 years! I have saved almost every letter and you can see how beautiful they are.

Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour were both prolific letter writers and some of their letters have survived. It is through letters and diaries we know a lot about the etiquette and daily workings of the French court of that era.

Alexandra Stoddard wrote a book years ago called Gift of a Letter and that is so true ! Don't we all have a little rush of happiness when we see a real letter addressed to us in the mail box? I love to get the mail and see something for me in there --it is a true gift.

The billet doux (love letters)of the French court were full of romance and intrigue better than any gossip TV show of today. In letter writing we see someone's real essence and how special we feel that she took time to sit and write and think about us. So make someone's day-- send them a letter--on pink paper bien sur!

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink, Pink everywhere--in Charleston!

I said yesterday there is a lot of pink in Charleston and I wasn't joking. Here are a few more photos of pinkness in the historic district. Again, not just pink but texture and depth of color make for interesting photos.

As many times as I walk the streets and take photos I always find something new to enjoy when I am there. The historic district is colorful anyway in more ways than one!! Charleston has been voted the friendliest city in USA several times and I believe it. People are warm and gracious and there are certainly a number of resident "characters" living in historic area. It seems many writers and artists like to live there which makes sense to me-- all that beauty can only fuel one's creative spirit--plus no harsh winters what else could an artist want?
Because Charleston is such a walking city you have the time to notice things like the pink bricks in the sidewalk. Those bricks were probably used as ballast in a ship coming over from Europe years ago. God is in the details they say and there are certainly many beautiful details in Charleston if you take the time to "see" the city.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

European lifestyle in Charleston, SC

One of my favorite things to do is hop over to Charleston , SC for a few days. It is a beautiful, small city with big city amenities and a very European atmosphere. It is an old city which is a huge part of the appeal and history draws tourists .

One of the reasons I like it beside the above, is that there are many pink buildings and stones and walls in the historic district. My favorite wall is on Meeting Street .I just love it . Look at the texture and the varied shades of pink in it. I often go by it and many times take photos of it. In Charleston this wall is like my bridge is in Paris--I know I am there and love it when I get near "my wall".

Charleston is a celebration of history , manners and Southern charm. It has been called ,"A city set in a garden" and that is so true. Just walking the street and breathing in that fragrant air is a delight.

Culture abounds in Charleston, from ballet to opera to many art galleries--it is all there. So when I can't get to Paris at least I can visit another beautiful city with history and culture and beauty. If you have the time put Charleston on your short list of places to visit. Citizens of Charleston know they have a good thing and they protect it with strict zoning laws and on-going preservation.Beauty is important to them as it is to Parisians.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tutu beautiful

Tutus are magical aren't they? Just seeing one makes my heart flutter!
When I lived in another place I had the costume sewing gals make me a real professional tutu- all white for Odette in Swan Lake. I was Odette that Halloween. Here is what I learned- tutus are not comfortable you must stay very straight in posture (a good thing) and it is basically a corset top with little give so you can't take huge breaths. It is also a two piece thing and the under side of the tutu (I am speaking of the classic tutu like one in photo above) comes with a pantie sewn on it and the pantie is a mesh thing- you just wear your tights under the pantie!! I was shocked -didn't expect that. Even knowing all this I still think they are magical and when you put one on you become another person--a more graceful person. I always associate tutus with France although I believe ballet originated in Italy. But so many of the classic ballets came from French fairy tales maybe that is the link in my mind.

Enjoy the tutu photo and picture yourself dancing. Floating and twirling and gliding like a swan.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chinoiserie and the French

The French have always embraced chinoiserie styles and Asian style . Many French homes have elements of chinoiserie /Asian style. I love that also--maybe that is why I am so enamored of French style.

Last time I was in New York I made my usual pilgrimage to the Met to visit the Wrightsman rooms (French furniture) and the Sevres porcelain area. I discovered these delightful examples of chinoiserie and took a few photos (without flash) to enjoy later. Chinoiserie usually has a fanciful element to it. If you love it like I do visit Beth Connolly's blog Chinoiserie Chic for the most informative and creative way to learn about chinoiserie.

Any of these pieces would look right at home in a modern or a traditional French setting. These examples always bring a smile-- there is just something so joyful about them.!Who doesn't need as many smiles and as much joy as we can hold close right now?

Have a PINK day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Beauty at the movies

So many movies are wonderful. I tend to like musicals and love stories and comedies. The thing that I would love is to be behind the scenes when a movie is made. How I wish I could have hung around the set of Marie Antoinette (the Sophie Coppola version) "the set "was actually Versailles!! The museum is closed on Monday and they filmed interiors on Mondays. That was the first time the museum allowed filming on site. Some rooms were sort of rebuilt- the movie people had to remove items and make copies and put the copies in during filming. I would love to see the costumes and the folding fans up close.

I didn't know that a lot of movies also have books about the making of that movie. See a few of my favorites here. You can look them up on Amazon or in the bookstore. It is about as close to behind the scenes most of us will ever get!

Is there a movie that you would like to peek behind the scenes? Look it up there may be a behind the scenes book!

Have a PINK day!

Roses and roses and more roses

C'est magnifique- we were 60 degrees today in Atlanta. I went outside to do some much needed bed clean up . Peonies are my passion but I also love pink roses. We have some in our garden mainly New Dawn climbing ones and a few bush pink roses.

Roses are fairly easy if you do the prep work and plant in a good spot. Just like life do the ground work and the rest sort of flows along. Since our garden is smallish I tried to make it look like a Charleston walled garden. It is very private when we are out there due to the tall trees all around my fence line.

Here is a shot of the Chelsea Garden Show in London many years ago. I think the London Sun or some other newspaper sponsored this fairly traditional town garden and it won . I love the look of it and all the roses. England and France have great rose growing climates as California does here. I love the secluded feeling which is especially necessary in a town garden. We are close to our neighbors on all sides and that canopy of trees and the privacy they provide is enormously welcome.

Today is a day to dream of roses .

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pink lace and flowers for a pretty closet

Always working on the too small closet to make it neater and easy to find items. The pretty boxes from Michaels helped a lot . I also always use padded hangers--Bed Bath and Beyond always has them and sometimes you find nice ones in speciality shops or linen shops. They are gentler on the clothes--of course I usually get the pink ones !!

I purchased these hatboxes from a company called Marcela about 20 years ago they did ring boxes and hat boxes and pretty fabric covered jewelry boxes too. they don't really make these any longer. I have 4 and I use them for storage in different areas usually in master bed and bath. It is so fun to look at the flowers and lace on top--like some fancy wedding cake.

Another cool rainy day here so I am working (with help from that tres chic Valentine Fairy) on organization still and Valentine presents. And trying to figure out how the photos got messed up in the previous post I moved the text but it stays same on the blog-- huh?

Where ever you are

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink love is in the air..

That Pink Valentine Fairy has been busy at ma maison! She has been making some magic Valentine wands for a few special people.

Glitter and sparkle and a pinch of eau d'amour and voila.... the wands are ready!

What's that? You think she isn't finished yet? Yes, you are correct she says this is just a small bit of Valentine creativity more to follow soon.

I bet she is ready to nap between those pink bed linens and dream of amour.

Have a PINK day!

Chocolate Pink delights

Today is a rainy cold day and in my world when it is gloomy I go for the pink pastries or other delights. In Atlanta there is a wonderful pastry shop/cafe called Chocolate Pink. I go there for the pink food and the delightful ambiance.
It was chilly today so I opted for hot chocolate rather than usual tea and had a champagne cupcake with raspberry topping. Wonderful and beautifully presented. We also got some handmade truffles to go. They have a sugar painted glaze on the truffles-- so pretty!!
Chocolate Pink is on Juniper Street in Atlanta or
What I like about Chocolate Pink (beside the cute name) is that their pastries are made more like European ones- not as much sugar more flavor of the vanilla or fruit and less sweet. In Europe I always lose a pound or two per week in part because less sugar consumed and all that lovely walking. I don't skimp on the pastries while there either I eat what I want for those weeks of bliss in France.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A little sparkle

I think I was a bird in a former life! I am so interested in birds and envious of their freedom and their beautiful plumes. I have always had pet birds and usually at the zoo I gravitate toward the bird area. I am also bird -like in that I am always attracted to something that sparkles--diamonds and glitter come to mind right away.

My friend put this little ornament on a Christmas gift to me and I didn't have heart to put it away with ornaments for 11 months a year. So it is now hanging in master bath where I can enjoy it daily. Be good to yourself don't "save" things just for holidays. Use your pretty items in everyday life.

On a dull rainy day it is nice to have things about in the house that sparkle and brighten my home.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paris pretty pour moi

Bon Jour! I am in a very French mood today. While out shopping this morning at Ulta I found these wonderful eye shadows by Bourjois--tres chic and a definite pick me up since I have been feeling a little under the weather last few days.

I never watch daytime TV but today, while making my slimming salad, Rachel Ray was on my TV and she had the author Debra Ollivier on talking about how the French woman's mindset is different from ours in respect to love and relationships. She wrote the book What French Women Know- excellent book.I love to learn about how the French think because that is what is interesting and different between our cultures. She pointed out that French women do not enter into relationships always thinking it will lead to marriage. They do not have a word for "date" in French! It is not such action/result mind set as in United States in regard to l'amour.

When we open ourselves up to learning about others and not just brushing off these differences it really makes you appreciate all points of view and it explains why we react differently to similar situations. It also is good to know these things if you plan on traveling to different cultures and if you find one place that you really enjoy learning all this only aides you in your travels and in developing relationships with people from other countries.

So I have had a fulfilling day thinking of my French travel and French culture and enjoying my little French treat-- the French are so good at packaging and doing things in limited quantities (these little French scenes on the shadows will soon be gone) which keeps you looking for the new and unique and makes each edition of whatever it is more special since it won't be around again.

Do I find all these French things or do they somehow find me?

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cherry trees and other loves

I know how mothers must feel worrying about their child even though the child may be fully grown. I have a Yoshino cherry tree in the front garden- she is beautiful and I planted her 12 years ago. One of my reasons for living in the South is our great growing season and the ability to grow Yoshino Cherry trees. I have watched this tree grow from 5 ft to over 20 ft now. She is full and fluffy in spring and when the wind blows we see what the Japanese call "Cherry snow" she drops her white petals sometimes forming a little mound of petals and it sure looks like "snow".
With our extrememly cold weather and its long duration these past few days I am worried about my Yoshino. I wish I had put in more than one cherry tree but I am so happy to have one. I wonder what this cold will do to the bloom quality? I love standing under my tree and just looking up into the cloudlike mass. Some springs I go to Macon to the Cherry Blossom Festival. They have more trees in Macon, Georgia than D.C. has around the tidal basin. Some of the streets are so heavily canopied with Yoshinos that it is like being in the clouds and when you drive down that street you whisper -don't know why but everyone seems to have that reaction.

In Japan they have days for viewing the blossoms and make picnics and parties around this event. I like that idea. Food and pretty blossoms is a winning combination! In the movie Memoirs of a Geisha there is a scene where they are viewing the cherry blossoms and it is a stunning vision. Later I learned that the Yoshino in the movie is actually made of paper blossoms but it appears real on screen.

So on this cold winter night I sit in my warm house a bit worried about my beautiful Yoshino, wishing I could wrap her in something warm and protective but all I have is my love to give her.

Have a pink day!

Pink bath time fun!

Well today I am bit under the weather and weather is still awfully cold here! So I plan on staying in and taking a nice bubble bath with all my fun pink bath toys and soaps. I usually light a Charlotte Moss Virginia candle ( the only place in Atlanta that I know carries her candles is at The Mercantile on Dresden Drive-sort of near Hastings Garden Center) Barbara Heath has a wonderful shop and carries unique things and offers design services as well.

But I digress, I love to take a nice bubble bath--my bath secret--I use Publix pink bubble bath liquid in Bubblegum scent! It is the best for bubbles mild and not too much fragrance-so I can add other scents or just use scented soaps. I collect cute pink rubber duckies they are fun they light up buried in the bubbles and it looks pretty. Surrounding my tub I have placed bath salts and other goodies in waterford cookie jars and other pretty containers mainly because I don't have any place to store them and might as well use them for something. The area around the tub isn't large but it is pretty and fun to look around. I put the chandelier on dimmer too and dim that and just listen to my PINK I pod Nano and enjoy my bath.

Some days are meant to relax and regroup and dream of trips to take and things to do.

Have a pink day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Useful pink!!

Today I found a pink compass--I will use it for sewing and crafts. It is amazing what you can find in pink now-- I have everything for cooking including: pots, pans, mixer, pie dish, toaster, blender, measuring cups and spoons, can opener,(Kitchen Aid makes a great pink can opener and potato peeler too. The best I've ever had and lasts forever) spatulas, plastic gloves for cleaning, pink aprons, about the only household item I do not have in pink---yet--- is a pink toilet bowl plunger --someday I will find one. I have a pink cell phone, pink calculator, pink pencils, pink blow dryer and on and on.

Soon weather will warm up and I can do my spray painting outside and begin one of my craft projects and for my next sewing idea the compass will come in handy.

Have a pink day!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Presentation is tres important mes amies !

My little order from Paper Nosh arrived today! I love ordering on line and getting packages at home to open. Of course there is that pesky little bill or debt on PayPal. Ahhm

Look what a fabulous job Paulette does with the paper items. It is just like opening a really fancy gift! The double-faced satin ribbon, the shiny un-dented paper box, her business card with glitter and a handwritten note of thanks and a little bonus gift too!!

If you want really unique paper goods, even wedding invitations she is doing things no one else is doing in the market right now. Many of her stock pieces (if you can call these detailed confections "stock") have my monogram of M over A on them and have a French theme or Versailles theme so for me they are perfect. I can hardly wait to need more.

Another gift wrapping tip- I often find most creative wrap at artist supply stores and the Container Stores!! Check it out--it is so European to wrap a gift well and present it to the recipient.
Gifting anyone with some of her paper art would be a special treat and long remembered in part because of the exquisite presentation. Sometimes the presentation is more important or just as important as the gift itself-it says you took time to wrap or to find someone who creates something unique and paid attention to the details.
Paper Nosh creations can be found :,,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marie Antoinette is my sewing assistant

Now that my pretty birds have arrived it is almost time to start my projects. Just waiting on one last supply package to get to me.

Knowing I was going to do more craft and sewing projects I already purchased a new pin cushion on Etsy from Jennifersdols -- she is a Marie Antoinette --part of her gown is an old pattern, she has a great big hairdo and just lots of style. She will make sewing more fun.

So here we go --ready, set, sew!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The festive birds are here !!

Those pretty little hand dyed birds I mentioned the other day arrived today in the mail. Perfect little bits of happiness with their pearls and sweet ribbon banner. I am waiting on some ribbon and a few other bits and pieces and then voila I will have my materials to create something special for my best friends.

Of course I chose pink ones they are actually a softer pink than the photo captures. Thank you Joy for sending them so quickly and with such a nice little extra --a pretty rose pin for me!!

I just don't know if I can wait till Valentine's Day to give my gifts.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to create something fun

Another snow day for Atlanta area. I feel like creating something fun today. Of course most of what I make is pink. I am going to go look at an inexpensive sewing machine. I have ideas for Valentine's Day.

Here is a peek at a tiny portion of my crafting goods- I keep everything in boxes since we don't have an area/room for crafts. Notice the pink scissors and seam ripper? A pink measuring tape is in another craft box. Always looking for more pink things to use in my pink world.

I have some yummy hearts and butterflies in another pretty box- what if they flew together somehow?

Hmm will let you know how it goes....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Il neige or Oh Boy, it is snowing in Atlanta !!

Snow is falling on our city and my garden looks like a frosted dream. The French cabbages that I adore are quite fetching with a dusting of snow.

I will avoid the crazy drivers and stay inside and enjoy the snow for the special thing that it is . Everything looks good with a coat of fresh snow doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fanciful tutu for moi!

Over the summer when I discovered all the neat blogs out there in blog world I stumbled across one that is created by a paper artist. I had an idea in my head for a long time about creating a paper tutu art work. I am lazy about my own artistic attempts so when I saw this blog I got in touch with the artist Noel Solomon and sort of drew my idea and faxed it to her.

Her blog is called Fanciful Designs she makes wonderful roses, paper shoes, swans and other ethereal pretties.

As you can see ,from the above result , she executed a lovely pink tutu for me and I display it in the master bedroom. Ballet has always been of interest to me, took some classes but I love to see the magic on stage. How I would love to be a little butterfly in the back of the theatre watching the scenery being moved and scrims going up and down. Seeing how the costume mistress fixes a tattered tutu.

I learned many years ago not to get front row seats--no one wants the illusion broken of the dancers gliding across the floor and floating in air. If you are too close you see them sweat and hear breathing and thumps!! Oh no-- not in my ballet fantasy land. So mid orchestra is good for me or first row of balcony is also a great area.

Since we can't go to the ballet weekly it is nice to have a little paper tutu work of art to enjoy and bring back beautiful memories of sitting in the dark, hearing the orchestra tune up and seeing that first ballerina leap out from the wings.
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