Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pink and green secretary

 Well,these pictures didn't display in the order which I wanted them but you can see the new chinoiserie secretary we found at Scott's yesterday. 
It came from a Palm Beach estate and I love chinoiserie and pink and green so it was perfect. 
It is a belated birthday gift from Pink Boy.
I have filled it with treasures (to me anyway) and writing materials. It is between our dining area and front room. 
I know cranes are symbols of longevity and prosperity and the butterfly is usually representative of rebirth or of the soul.  I know the scenes are telling a story just not sure what that is. 
It is lovely and I will use it often.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Little present for myself

Sometimes it is fun to buy yourself a present.

 A sursie, petit cadeau whatever you call it.
My birthday is just a few days away and I bid on this online and got it!! 
It arrived just in  time.
Happy Birthday to Me from Me. So silly.
I don't think the box is very old maybe 1930-50ish fabric inside is a print I have seen before. 
Reminds me a bit of Faberge boxes with the pink enamel.
All these things remind me of my favorite period the era of Louis XV. 
I try to pretend that I live in that time.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This is our new Maltese Poppy-Marie. 
She was born March 10th so she is almost 5 months old
We have had her since early June. 

She is very bouncy and fun, she has potty trained herself and she is a good little eater. Her first class in Puppy  Manners is coming up soon. We have been getting her used to wearing the little pink harness and leash and walking a bit.
We need to stop her from jumping on the other 2 dogs we have they are small like her but older and so do not want to be jumped on. Sydney-Marie is 13 now and too old for rough housing!

We adore this breed and Poppy is our 6th Maltese. 

She loves everyone and is healthy. She really thinks about things and makes her toys do things like stay within an area or stacks them up or pushed one while holding another in her mouth. Pretty cute what ever she does!!
Have a Pink day!
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