Monday, January 30, 2012

Laduree makeup !!

Rose petals as blusher

It may seem odd that Laduree has a new makeup line coming out but they have already done some limited make up at Sephora. I have learned that Laduree is a big presence in Japan and the line Les Merveilleuses du Laduree will launch January 29 in Tokyo at Mitswkoshi department store. How I wish I could be there!

Japan seems to get a lot of cute Laduree items that I do not see other places. Little wash cloths and tiny miniatures of the pastries etc.

The packaging is exquisite and fun there are over 20 different shades of blush, plus liquid foundation and lipsticks. The blush will come in several forms as rose petal leaves, in a cute cameo compact and a more traditional egg shaped blush. If you are lucky enough to purchase any of these pretty items don't throw away the packaging it may be worth something someday!

The makeup is made with the company Albion which is know for clever packages and high quality. The name of the line translates to the Wonders of Laduree but the word merveilleuses is a reference to the people who wore court makeup and were society or nobility back in Marie Antoinette's era.

We won't see the line in the USA until fall-- and since the New York Laduree does not ship I doubt most of us will see it then unless we get to NY. I hope they get it there.

Have a Pink day!

Table Top Tuesday

EBay is a wonderful thing. I buy from Etsy too. I love soup cups and found these vintage covered ones not long ago. I will have to have friends over for lunch and include a soup course. I love tulips in January January is such a bleak month and a let down time after the holidays. I need real flowers in January.

Have a Pink day!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing letters a la Marie Antoinette

One pot held ink one held sand to blot the ink

I love to write on my monogramed letter paper.

The details and the hand painting are wonderful. This was well cared for in the past

My passions are so much a part of my life. I love to write letters to friends, I love my monogram, I love the style of the decorative arts in the era of Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette and I try and incorporate this style into my life.

I recently became aware of the inkwell-- a necessary implement in times past and one that could be so beautiful and so functional. I knew they existed but had never looked at them as decorative objects until I was reading about the decorative arts of that romantic era.

I am now collecting them in a small way some are more expensive than others but all are lovely.

Leah Fuller has a number of her antiques on Ruby Lane antiques site and I just purchased this charming 19th century Dresden hand painted inkwell by the studio of Helena Wolfsohn from Ms Fuller..It is perfection! You can reach her at Nobili Antiques 949 642-8402 or Here is her link:

I take such pleasure in using these old items and wondering who had them before they came to me and if previous owners enjoyed it and treasured it as I do now. I have my photos of Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour there to inspire me. I just wish I could write in calligraphy ( I took a class I was awful ) like they did so long ago.

It is fun to sit in my boudoir and write to loved ones and look at the garden through the French doors. Usually one of my cats sits in the chair next to the desk and advises me as I write.
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Welcome Souffle-Marie another kitty baby joins us

Miss Souffle-Marie her first day in her forever home

She is thinking about her new life with us!
When this sweet, calm 5 year old female Himalayan came into the shelter last week I just instantly knew I would take her home. She was first with an older couple and the wife died and she came into Good Mews before I volunteered there. She was adopted out quickly (she is friendly and quiet) and all went well until the woman's grandchild moved in and then this pretty girl was not happy with a youngster around.
My other two cats are sweet and laid back and I knew they would be fine with just one more sister. Good Mews is a wonderful place to adopt a loving cat. They just got a grant from Doris Day animal foundation but donations are always welocme.
I named her Souffle-Marie since she is light and airy and sweet like a perfect souffle.We love her already. She fits into our pink world.

Have a Pink day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Madison Tea Room-a civilized pleasure

A perfect spot for a private event or wedding reception

The front room looking on the square

Madison Tea Room

I am in love with Madison Georgia. I think I mentioned this before. Such a charming and historic town. Cute shops, friendly folks. And they have a real honest-to- goodness tea room!! Right on the town square.

I wanted to post this long ago but the laptop crashed and I thought all my December photos were lost (silly me- I did not back them up) but alas , they are still here on my new hard drive and I am finally getting to this post.

Madison Tea Room is run and owned by the knowledgeable and fun Kathi Russell. She has owned tea rooms before and she knows her way around a tea pot. This tea room provides a full tea or a small tray of goodies and the servers pour from silver pots coming around to see if your cup is in need of filling.

The day I visited there were two men from the town having tea-- as Ms. Russell said," The two bravest men in Madison." ha They loved it and said they will return.

I could not eat all my little savories and sweets. The chicken salad is divine, the tea is hot and the service is proper yet friendly and the decor is charming. Ms. Russell plans on hosting small parties, weddings and other celebrations in her ample back room that overlooks the back garden.

Tea is the elixir that soothes are souls, buoys our spirits and bonds us to our friends.

If you are in the neighborhood make sure to enjoy the bounty of the Madison Tea Room.

Tea room reservations are advised 248-705-5010

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We are all waiting for something..

One blue and one green eye gaze at me from behind a branch
Snowflake-Marie likes to sit by the vase with the cherry blossoms and wait in the window for things to happen-- birds to cross in front, people coming up the path, kids in the street on bikes all are fun little moments in her day. Cats like to wait-- we could learn from that --I try not to rush around so much. She has taught me a lot about waiting happily for things to unfold. She waited two years to come to her forever home.
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Time spent with a good book and cats is never wasted

That quote is on the wall at the no-kill cat shelter where I volunteer (Good Mews) and where Miss Snowflake-Marie Mouser lived for two years until we found each other. I am besotted with her. She is so loving and cute and pink and white.
These cold January days have me spending time indoors with good books, tea and my wonderful animal family. No I was not including Pink Boy in that!
I just began reading this wonderful book about Versailles it has amazing photos and lots of trivia. Alon's Bakery in Dunwoody makes good macaron I like the rose or raspberry ones best with a spot of my Marie Antoinette tea in my monogrammed MA tea cups--such a fun little respite from a busy day! My laptop is still in hospital. Please bear with my infrequent posts.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am stuck in Madame de Pompadours era

Happy Pink Saturday!

While I wait for my laptop to be resurrected, I am reading a few books about her era. I am looking at Sevres porcelain on auction sites and trying to learn more about that. I love this painting of her. I have many fun posts planned for the next few weeks but until I can get my photos back in my laptop I am sort of stuck. If I have to be stuck I will use the time to learn.

Did you know that the Petit Trianon at Versailles was originally build for Madame de Pompadour?

Have a Pink day!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Computer still sick

I am only able to post this message today-- no photos since all my photos are loaded into my computer. My computer has another virus! That is 2 in two weeks! It is at local repair shop. Dont't know when I will be back but I have some fun things in store when I am able to access photos.
I keep dreaming up pink posts and Paris posts . I have a new obsession too! I can't even get emails right now.
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monogram madness has overtaken me!

MA hand towels for my bath

Happy Pink Saturday!

I have done many things with my monogram this past year- rubber stamps, a letter seal for sealing wax, tiles to use as trivets, an embosser, a needle pointed pillow you get the idea. And I'm still coming up with ideas.

Perhaps the most obvious is to use the monogram on china or linens or silver flatware. I am working on those things as well. My first venture into monogramming on linens turned out so well. They have made a linen die for me from my monogram and later on when I purchase more guest towels, or bed linens I can monogram those as well.

Shh... I am going to share my monogram source for linens-- it is in Savannah-- a most gracious and feminine city. I did this all via email. Number Four Eleven is the name of the shop on Whitaker Street in Savannah's historic area.

It was not very pricey to do the die it varies by monogram and size etc so each one is priced as they create them. If you need these services you can contact them at 912 443-0065 ask for Courtland Smith Stevens or email them : info@NumberFourEleven,com
Have a Pink day!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bathing in the French style

Snowflake had to inspect first
Pink Boy hard at work he measures and remeasures then places

My French style tub

I have always disliked my bath tub --tiles are ugly and white and plain

I mentioned this a few weeks ago to Pink Boy and said how I wish I could enclose the side of the tub with wood then embellish it with ornament from Do It Yourself Chic.

He agreed and had our friend make a covering for it I think it is some type of PVC so it will not warp or rot.

Then a double paining of Glidden Sweet Baby Girl semigloss paint.

I ordered the ornament from my old standby DIYC and they came in less than a week.

So on New Year's Day Pink Boy did the final step of adding the cherubs and swags.

Voila a bath fit for Marie Antoinette( we know she enjoyed her baths.

Total cost of project less than $100.00

I am linking to My Romanic Homes Show and Tell Friday

Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dreams slumber in our hearts

Dreams slumber so softly in our hearts. Until one day, when you least expect it the dream becomes a reality. What a wonderful feeling that is. Sometimes the dream exceeds all expectations that is what I wish for all my sweet readers in 2012.

I am going to be posting soon some dreams that came true. Pink dreams to all!

The wonderful photo is from Georgianne Lane it is what I think a dream looks like!

Have a Pink day!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pink dish from a dear heart and pink plates from pets

My girls Sydney-Marie, Simone Marie and Miss Moss and Snowflake got me these
My dear hearted friend in Colorado sent me this

Matching footed bowl for plated

My dear friend Becky in Colorado sends me amazing and lovely letters and cards and this year this wonderful Christmas gift of bowl and saucer. I am using it to keep jewelry in right now. I see it every morning as I get ready for the day.

"My girls" got me 9 Limoges plates in pink and gold they almost match the present from Becky!

I treasure them all and above all treasure my dear friend Becky who blesses me with her friendship, her creative spirit and her deep faith and dear heart.

Have a Pink day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Pink Year!!

May 2012 be blessed with health and happiness and PINKNESS for you!

Have a Pink day!
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