Sunday, June 21, 2015


I love this Disney movie and especially adore Marie-- when I was a kid I thought they named her after me! Since I am a cat lover and love Paris why wouldn't I love the movie all my favorite things all in one movie!
I bought the cute tote on Ebay it will be here in a few weeks. Japan Disney store has more Marie merchandise than the Disney stores in UK or USA. 
Do you love Marie? 
Have a Pink day!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Charleston... a city set in a garden weathering the tragedy

It is so doubly shocking that this carnage happened in Charleston -- a beautiful, gracious city full of wonderful people and community. A city that is really very safe and where people know each other.
 The city and it religious and secular leaders have handled the situation well and everyone seems to be of one mind that this aberration, this purely evil event will not tear apart the people of the most beautiful city in the South.
While my heart grieves for the lives lost and the lives ruined by this unconscionable act my heart also sees the strength and dignity and love that the people there have for each other and for the city. Mayor Riley handled things well and now it is time for healing to begin. 
Evil does not trump true faith, true love, true goodness of spirit or true community. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Blush pink gems

I have been on a quest for a blush pink sapphire that is cut in marquise cut about 2 carets. So far neither my jeweler or I have found right shade or shape of stone.I researched more and discovered Morganite which is even better color wise more pale blush like I like and should work well . It is also very hard stone so can wear everyday. I am careful with my jewelry.

Taking a break from blog for this week just had surgery and resting and sleeping and watching movies. Pink Boy is taking good care of me. Making me food and giving me medications on time. Not really in any pain.

A question for you leave me a comment if you have answer:

Anyone had any Morganite stones in your jewelry? Were you happy with it?
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cats are brushing up on reading skills

 Souffle encourages Armand to read
We have to read this?

 Souffle reads a bit then thinks deeply.

 Snowflake is not too keen on her lessons
Always complaining she is a scamp
Lesson time
My cats need to keep up their language skills. They are so spoiled I insist they do their lessons.
Have a Pink day!
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