Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberries in Paris anyone?

Look what the French have cooked up--little mini strawberry treats at Laduree. And mini cupcakes too-the French are now on the cupcake bandwagon it seems. I love that they are always updating the pastries.

I am also happy to see so much pink in the window display. Let's hope we all get there soon and treat ourselves to a Laduree snack.
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My dear White Cat is gone

She was my neighbor's cat but she spent a lot of time over here in my garden and in my family room. My girls (dogs) loved her and Miss Moss my cat was willing to share her home. We were going to adopt her from the neighbors when they returned from their vacation. They were giving her up since their 1 year old child was suddenly allergic to cats.

I have not seen White Cat in over a week and they do not know where she is. This is the danger in letting a cat ,even one with front claws, roam. She could have been eaten by a coyote --we do have one in the woods behind some other houses in our development.

I have been to the shelters, put up signs, called vets and ER vets in area and no one has her.

I ve cried till my eyes are swollen and keep hoping she will turn up. She was such a loving and relaxed cat. I could cuddle her and dress her up in pretty collars and bows. I was going to get her micro chipped and keep her inside. She was going to have such a fun life with us.

I just hope someone took her in and that is OK. Please don't let your cats roam, please microchip them they are not disposable. she deserved better than this.

Have a Pink day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Trinket box pink

Image from French Essence Vicki Archer

Pink yarrow, lavender and cosmos, phlox and salvia

Happy Pink Saturday

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Boxes of any type are fun., They convey a sense of promise. The top image from Vicki Archer's blog French Essence put me on a path looking for a cute trinket box and I found one!

I love to store things in pretty constainers.

Have a Pink day!

Show and Tell Friday-- a garden gift

Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home:

Pink Boy likes to go to antique shops and flea markets and we have some good ones around here. He bought this for the garden a few weeks ago. It really keeps the time. I do not think it is very old --just decorative but fun.

Now when we are outside we know what time it is and I can pretend I am boarding a train in Paris.

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White Wednesday-- some dreamy whites

Henri Bendel Christmas window ballet

A girl has to have pearls!
My tutu reminds me of a delicate white peony layers upon layers of white
White feathers for Odette of Swan Lake
A professional tutu comes in two pieces usually

A heavily boned bodice like a corset and

then a pantie like mesh bottom that the tulle is sewn onto

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This is Swan Lake Odette tutu. I have shown it before. It is too pretty to store and it sits in my bedroom and holds all my costume pearl necklaces.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Door knobs of Paris

Style exists even in door knobs in Paris

Dry cleaners we used on rue Cassette

A sense of fun/whimsy even in the door knobs in Paris

One of the fun things about walking around Paris is noticing all the details. I really paid attention to door knobs this last visit. I believe they are called poignees de porte. Sometimes they give you a clue as to the nature of the shop.

The heart one is my favorite. I also love all the lacy grill work and number plaques

Have a Pink day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sydney-Marie is a pink diva dog

Look at me I'm Sydney-Marie!

Sydney-Marie likes her new bed-- it sort of has a covered overhang. She likes to snuggle in and stare out at us! She also can do a big sigh for dramatic effect! She is a drama queen somedays.

She is always fun and is also good at pushing gates open and showing up in odd places in the house.
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Have a Pink day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cupcakes all dressed up

Chocolate and a hazelnut chocolate cupcake

On a warm afternoon I took refuge under my cherry tree. Pink Boy and I had cupcakes from Sugar Cakes (bakery on the Marietta Square) and I dressed them up in fancy wrappers-- pink bien sur, we didnt even use silverware we just ate them quickly before the buttercream frosting melted.

Table cloth is Gardiner Thiebaut plates are hand painted.
Scroll down for Tablescape Thursday Lunch in the Shade

Have a Pink day!

Lunch in the shade

After all the heat we had some rain and it cooled down so I could lunch in the shade
My new pink cabbage bowls seemed perfect

Waterford jar holds some flowers from our garden

Love, love the pink bee glasses

Is that a flutterby on my flowers?

Used a white tea table sized topper

New pink and green no name china from local shop

Here it is before stacking I love the geometric band

So nice to sit in the shade

The view from the bench

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After the heat of the last two weeks it rained and I ventured out into the shade again.I just got the pink and green plates at a local thrift store they only had 5.

I think the frosted plates look good with the lucite handles on the silverware. My inspiration for this comes from my favorite designer Charlotte Moss.

Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White Wednesday and Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas and Queen Ann's lace with outdoor candelabra

Sweet peas and lavender from my garden

White bunny Christopher in between the yarrow and roses

Welcome to another White Wednesday post!
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Here are some of my Annabelle hydrangeas and I gathered some Queen Ann's lace for a dreamy white arrangement

Then I decided to photograph it outside and it was late so I added some candles and my new outdoor table candelabra. A few sweet peas and some lavender in a small vase were too pretty not to photograph

Have a Pink day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pink iris and tea cup fun

I think a chubby bird knocked this off my plant. It was in perfect shape. I didn't want to toss the iris so here it is in a demi tasse cup.

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