Monday, May 31, 2010

Ballet is important to me

I have been a slug for too long. I need to do some volunteer work in an area I care about. My passion for ballet has been neglected. I will be calling the Atlanta Ballet soon to see what I can do, however small, to help.

This tutu photo is pretty to look at -just like watching the ballet is so pretty to look at but so much hard work and time goes into getting a production on stage -so many people help, I need to help. It will be fun for me too and it is always a joy to meet new people who share an interest. I want to enjoy the ballet and make sure it is around for a long time here in Atlanta.
I will keep you posted on what I end up doing to help the ballet.
Have a PINK day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pink Girl needs a new car!!

I want a new car soon. I need a job first, of course, and so far nothing great has turned up in that area. I will find something wonderful soon.

My dream is to buy a used, small white Mercedes and put a pale pink stripe or scroll on back end and do a pale pink leather interior and maybe hubcaps like in the photo above!!

I can see myself zipping around in it. I will keep it forever. This car is cute but too old to have a CD player and navigation (I need a navigation system) and air- in the South we need air!!

So for now I will be dreaming about my pink auto- a goal worth working towards. I think they are very safe cars too and with people driving at 80 mph and texting while doing so --safe sounds good to me!

I found this photo on a Paris blog and I cannot remember which one! If anyone does please let me know so I can credit it. I had to have this pink car photo to help me keep my "dream car" alive

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink Patisserie !

Happy Pink Saturday thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound. Click on the link at right to view more pinkness at many lovely blogs!

Paula also made me the sign above! I hung it in my kitchen. Someday, when I win the lottery, I will make a pale pink and white house and hang this sign over the stove. The kitchen will be all white marble and pale pink walls and maybe a gleaming copper stove hood.Until then I have it in my pink and green kitchen to inspire me when I am baking up goodies.

I love the look of European pastry shops in France and in Vienna. They are so stylish and so clean looking and of course the goods are sooo delicious. I eat whatever pastry I want when I am there. I walk it off. Life is too short to "diet" when on vacation.

How I wish my desserts looked as perfect as the ones from Laduree above. Someday maybe!!
On another PINK SATURDAY note please visit Stone Gable blog to see some fabulous pink peonies in a table scape. Link below I am so jealous that she still has blooms ours in the South are gone now.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Romance in the French countryside in the 1700's

We know so much about the life at court at Versailles. Including some of what the court women and men did for amusement. How they made the art of conversation exciting and sometimes laced with romance and innuendo. Women flirting behind their folding hand fans and dropping hankie's so men will pick them up.

When I think of that time frame I conjure images of richly attired women and men prancing around in the meadows and gardens teasing each other and playing silly games like hide and seek and blind man's bluff. My antique fan that I purchased many years ago in London is a scene of aristocrats playing blind man's bluff and the era it depicts is roughly 1780 or early 1800's. It is a French fan and signed > I treasure it not for value but for the beauty and the marvelous fact that I could own such a beautiful item from so long ago.

It seems in some ways a more innocent time although history has shown us it was not and that that the very lucky few enjoyed a richness of life and goods that most only dreamed about. But when I look at my old fan and see those handsome ladies and gentlemen playing --oh how I long ,for just a few minutes, to be in that era playing outside such a silly game. They were creating their own pink living back then to amuse themselves and block out grim reality of life .

My pink living is perhaps a touch of that but also just a celebration of pink, of happiness, of making everyday life more beautiful in any way I can.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You say cabas ...I say shopping bag !

Another delightful way to add a touch of French style to your life is to have a few cabas at hand to use everyday. Of course I tend to purchase ones that are PINK !

I love Fauchon's totes- I will get a new one on my next visit to Paris. Friends brought me the one from Harrod's on their last London journey. I think I will get one from Laduree also.

This France vacation I will be on look out for a cabas from Versailles or some other museum--I can't have all retail and no "intellectual" totes. Ha I really do use these totes very often and many people approach me about them or say, "Oh did you get those in France?" Carrying one is a good conversation starter.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potager update

Most of you know about my potager-- the first vegetable garden I've attempted since I was 8 years old. I planned it and planted it on unused land between our home's fences. Our neighbor kindly let me use his land . It is a two tier garden about 6 feet across by 16 feet long.

Well, I am so pleased so far. Things are sprouting and growing and looking green and leafy. I actually pulled one small radish--I couldn't wait for it to grow more -it was tiny but mighty spicy and yummy.

And as a special treat my husband told me to order a sign for the gate leading into the potager. The sign was created by the kind and talented Paula at Castles and Cottages blog:

She has so many shapes and can make anything custom. She is so creative.

So many weeks need to pass yet before I harvest any sizable amount of veggies but it is a real treat watching it all grow and anticipating the meals I will make with my own produce!! It still amazes me to plant seeds and get a real vegetable plant. Life is amazing and awe inspiring. In my own tiny way I feel more connected to nature with my own vegetables and my flowers.

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cleaning day!

I don't mind cleaning my house-especially with all my fun pink buckets and gloves and such. My latest cleaning item the whisk broom set above! With little dogs and messy Pink Boy in the house I am always sweeping up something!

Pink cleaning supplies make the tasks fun .Off to tidy up!!

Have a PINK day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Paris --vintage clothing shops

Paris has some of the best vintage shops in the world. I love to look at the windows and in the shops. Some are very high end and others are afforable for someone like me on a budget.

My favorite is a shop called Yukiko in the 3rd arrondissement at 97 rue Vielle du Temple.She carries some YSL and Dior and other garments that are stylish rather than big name designers.

I love looking at lace garments and lace items and Chez Dentelles 16 rue Rambuteau also in the 3rd is lovely spot to browse. Also, Fuchsia Dentelle in the 4th at corner of rue de l' Ave Maria and rue Sainte Paul also carries lacy items. ribbons and hat trimmings.

Above photos from the wonderful book that has become my guide to vintage when I am in Paris:
Vintage Paris Couture by Jessica Clayton . List the shops by arrondissements and tells the reader what they carry.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

White Iris

White iris are a favorite of mine. They look good mixed in with my pale pink Knockout roses and pink saliva.

The blog French Essence had white iris on it a few days ago and here is mine- - I can't get enough of sitting in the garden right now. My confederate jasmine is blooming over my patio arbor and the entire house has that lovely fragrance wafting through it.
Have a PINK day!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pale pink and white bedrooms are serene

This image is perfect for today's Pink Saturday! Go to How Sweet the Sound blog to visit other Pink Saturday participants.
I was lucky to see this bedroom in person at the Atlanta Symphony Show House a few years ago. It was designed by Mrs. Howard of the company Mrs. Howard in Atlanta. She used this pale pink on walls and all white linens. I saw the photo on the Internet the other day and emailed her to find out the color of the pink paint. My next paint job for bedroom will be this shade. She even had a pink peony on the screen saver on her computer in the show house bedroom!

It is Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood SW6315 I know it says white but it looks pink on walls.

If you are coming to Atlanta area and want to visit her shop/design studio it is at:

425 Peachtree Hills Ave suite 23
Atlanta Ga 30305

Her studio is right next to our wonderful ADAC (design center if you are interior designer you can go visit that also). I also loved the chinoiserie style chair at the desk!

In the meantime I will be dreaming of this color for my next repainting of master bedroom.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Party details-peonies and food

I love to give a party especially one in the garden. I think the fun is in the details --what will I serve, how the invitation looks, favors for guests, the table setting.

My peony party was a simple garden party -- a good excuse to sit outside and enjoy the garden and each other's company.

I had fun making the napkins pretty- I love to use linen napkins and this time I had these great peony napkin rings and I took a Caspari paper peony napkin and placed it over the linen one for a punch of color. Since I adore pink (and green) a lot of my china and table accoutrement's are in those colors.

We made the favor boxes froma Martha Stewart kit--they were a bit troublesome but we finally got the boxes to stay closed. I had them at the hall table to give out as guests left.

Even the food was color coordinated- pink and greens. I love a colorful salad and with kiwi and pomegranate seeds my crab salad matched the theme of peony party perfectly!

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Peony party in the garden

Sunday was my peony garden party. My peonies were still in bloom-somewhat. All was not lost as foxgloves and saliva and roses were abundant.

What a delight to have my friends together sitting under the arbor sharing stories and enjoying the nice weather and flowers. This is what makes life so precious and fun.

Some of the photos of the table above were taken by the lovely Chelsea, on left at table --she is a much better photographer than I am and I am glad she took the shots as my camera died and I did not get pictures of the table.
We had crab salad and raspberry mousse and tea sandwiches and pink lemonade and peach iced tea and petite fours. I will have a few more pictures to share in another post.
Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea cup joy!

I found this tea cup at the symphony show house gift shop- my favorite colors of pink and green. It is a joy to look at especially next to this peony that I think is the prettiest peony that bloomed this year--so fluffy and soft looking.

Garden Party photos to come- I hope this cheerful tea cup will help you to

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foxgloves and roses

It is so hard for me not to show you my garden. It is where I am happiest. I went on a garden tour last weekend and it was fun but I still liked my garden best !
I just planted more roses and pink yarrow. The photos of foxgloves above are from the tour and the white arbor is in my garden. My goal is when looking around the border of the back garden you see all pink/white in every section with a few little purple saliva or lavender or allium mixed in for contrast.

I think foxglove by the arbor is the world's tallest foxglove- -a mutant foxglove that reseeded and keeps growing! It is at least 5 foot tall. Too bad it is not pink one.

Have a PINK day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to reality and my pantry

Well after dreaming big pink wedding dreams yesterday and pretending to be in a pink tutu (my real tutu is white) I am back to earth as homemaker and party giver.
I will have party photos soon but here is what my pantry holds-- Have you seen these at your Kroger? It is for breast cancer fund raising --grocery stores usually have the Campbell's soup cans with pink labels in October. I buy a bunch and save them just for pretty's sake.
Everyone who knows me knows not to open these cans- it is just a shot of pink when I open my pantry doors. Purely decorative.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pink ballet bride and maids

This lovely bride and her maids are so pink and perfect !I love the simple tops and the tutu like skirts on the maids. All very ballet inspired--this is from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine the Pretty In Pink issue. I love looking at bridal magazines gives me party ideas and sources for pink items. This issue is super pink and wonderful. Cherry blossom ideas for party and pink makeup and other pink items.

If I could go back and do it all over again (my wedding I mean) I would wear a pink ballgown style gown and have an evening ceremony and do so many different touches in pink. It is fun to think about.

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop me before I plant again...

Happy Pink Saturday! Please click on How Sweet the Sound link to the right to see other Pink Saturday participants.
It seems when I am not day dreaming about going to Paris, or buying or looking at pink things I am planting pink plants! I keep driving to the local plant nursery and finding more pink plant to use to fill in the borders. It isn't always easy to find certain plants in pink so I go crazy when I find them and tend to buy them all .
The flower in the center above I planted and did not remember what it was- a friend identified it for me as Allium Schubertti it looks like a pink sparkler to me the tip of sparkler ! So fun.

See my treasures I found today. They really will help to fill out the borders and keep something pink blooming at all times through fall. Today I found pink yarrow and pink Veronica or speedwell. two plants I often do not see in pink. I followed my own advice today and I hope you

Have a PINK day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Images that inspire me

I find lots of inspiration in magazines and on Internet photo sites and of course on other blogs. I don't think any of us can get too much "pretty" in life. So many things are ugly and people do not always act nicely--it is a joy to see some pretty pictures and places. Above is from Martha Stewart Bridal magzaine pink issue. I love the walls, the molding on them and the color.

I also feel that if a place is pretty ( maybe pink too) people tend to behave better in lovely surroundings. If a place is clean and neat people will, for the most part, try and keep it that way. When I taught in high schools years ago my room was neat and had pink things and plants and the kids loved that and didn't trash the room.

Remember that study they did years ago saying colors like pink make you calmer so they use it in prison rooms and red makes you eat faster so restaurants often use red to get you in and out? Of course, with all the pink in my home I should be blissed out and very mellow all the time! Hmm

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peony gateau

While the peonies are still in bloom I thought I would show you this lovely peony wedding cake. It is the creation of a Swedish bakery Holy Sweet in Stockholm. I would love to have a local baker make it for me with my MA monogram!! Since I can't fly to Sweden to pick it up!

Maybe next year when I have my garden party I will find someone to make it. My cake decorating skills are not that advanced. Only I would do mine in pale PINK and white.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Before and after- an enlightening process

In our little entry hall the builder placed a hanging fixture way, way up high. I have never been able to get up to clean it and I have never liked it. I found the tole chandelier on line and it was a pinkish shade.

I wanted to spray paint it a light green- our entry is a pale peachy/pink color. I felt green would go with any color we paint entry when we are ready to repaint. Pink Boy liked it pink.

Well, I won and it is a soft green and Pink Boy agrees it is better this color. It will be hanging up there on Friday!! So even though I adore pink everything just can't be pink.

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What is on your bedside table?

I always love to look at what is on someone's bedside table when there are pictures in a magazine of the bedroom. I assume they often tidy up the table and remove items to make it look better for a photograph.

When I see photos of rooms that designer Charlotte Moss created I notice it appears she leaves it more like I do, a real life look.

I think you can tell a lot about someone by the bedside table. Are they are reader? Do you have a book of meditations or prayer? Any trinkets from travels, photos of pets or loved ones? Any practical items like pills or paper and pen? It is my armchair psychology to peek and see and try and figure out what interests them.

My bedside table is full- book I am reading , photos of pets gone and still with us. Always a peony real or fake if necessary. A pretty clock, my silver bunny figurine that I love. On the other side on a low table is a phone, pink of course, with the ringer OFF and a box with remotes.

Have a PINK day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Come on in !

My front door-- I want it to be inviting and pretty. I have New Dawn climbing roses and clematis growing up over and around it. I leave twinkle lights on all time at night all year. I just change the colors of the lights with the holiday/season.

Do come on it and visit with me! I love having company over. Be sure to

Have a PINK day!

Shoes shoes and more shoes

Marie Antoinette loved shoes and some of them could be worn today I think. What woman doesn't love shoes? My first trip to Europe I took a suitcase full of just shoes (and Pink Boy was not happy) --now I scale back just 3 pair or 4. I try not to buy too many shoes but so many out there calling my name.

Thought these pretty shoes would brighten your day.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paris here I come!!

My dream is coming true in June a week in Paris. I am already planning my outfits. I tend to dress up when traveling. No fanny pac or sneakers for me. I find you get better service if you are dressed a bit nicer. And I truly feel better when I am pulled together.

To make it easy I will probably take only items of clothing that are black or white. A few pairs of flats for walking and a pair of black jeans, skirts and a few dresses and a light jacket and black scarf to wear in restaurants if chilly.

I found the above jacket in Target-Zac Posen very stylist and a good weight for summer 49.99!

The cute heart bags for dinners out-they are rather small-- I found at BeBe and Urban Outfitters -- best of all my frugal friends--all under $30.00.

Hair bows and headbands are in and oh so Chanel and French style I found mine at Forever 21 and H& M. I love those stores for accessories. The black fabric cuff- so Chanel looking--was 4.00!! We all love a bargain and we love to mix high and low priced items. Style doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bed jackets and bed rest

Happy Pink Saturday! Go to How Sweet the Sound to visit other blogs featuring pink! Click on link to your right.

I had a little fall the other day at the gas station-just me being my usual clumsy self. Lots of sore spots on my shin bone and bruises and pulled some muscle in my back. So bed rest for me for a day or so and I at least felt pretty in my bed jackets while in bed recovering. These are just a few of the lovely ones I've managed to find over the years.

I've collected these for years starting when I was in my early 20's and no ...they are not your mom's style of bed jackets--these are fitted and pretty and some are very warm and some lighter weight. I actually use them a lot when I sit and read in bed if it is chilly.

Again, goes back to my pink motto useful and pretty (and pink some of them!) might as well have a pretty thing to increase enjoyment. So what ever you are doing--resting or busy,
Have a PINK day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pink and white peonies

The rain is supposed to come tonight and hard rain. I picked these fully opened peonies today to enjoy them so the rain doesn't ruin them. Ran out of vases so used a biscuit jar that goes with my old tea set. Paula Pryke would be proud of me using a nontraditional container--see yesterday's post if that name doesn't ring a bell.

I could look at them for hours- so soft and dreamy. Hope they bring you some serenity.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pink flower arrangments

There is this wonderful book by Paula Pryke from the UK called Simply Pink. How could I resist that? Her use of flowers is unique and inspiring. Those are marshmallows in the vase! The child's boots are so sweet and lots more. And she pairs unusual flowers.

It would make a great Mother's Day gift for someone who loves pink and flower arranging. Just a suggestion.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Peony power

Just a few more shots of my lovely peonies. I love to watch them open and I love all the fluffy petals . There is something decadent about a full blown peony even more than an open rose-- there is such an abundance of petals, so voluptuous and feminine. I see them as female.Most have a scent and all bring joy and serenity to my heart. I can't be stressed looking at a peony.
I hope you find them soothing and beautifu also.

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peony power... Do Tell !

Peonies seem to have a strange power over me. I am obsessed with them. To say I love them is an understatement! I rush outside each morning to see who is open and count buds! I talk to them a little (nutty -I know) and I wish I could stop them from ever fading. They are so soft to the touch softer than other flowers I believe. I do cut a few to bring inside. I now have 58 peonies and just ordered two more for fall planting.

I think of them as my "garden children" and I love sharing their beauty with others. Alas, I am afraid my peony garden party will be a bit late and guests won't see many of them at their peak. I thought with the cooler spring they would be opening later. My current favorite if one can have a" favorite child" is the single Do Tell it is unusual and so delicate.

I love sharing them with you and I hope they help you to

Have a PINK day!

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