Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cats love the big swan treee

Snowflake Marie Mouser
Swan Tree is the place to be!!

 My cats love sitting under the big swan tree!
They take turns under it.
None of the cats bother the tree or any of the other trees.
They just seem to enjoy the lights and feeling cozy under it.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

C'est Noel...

The Marie Antoinette tree is up in the master bedroom with a new addition this year.
I now have a wonderful soft doll head of Marie Antoinette made by the wonderful doll artist Sharon Mitchell of New Zealand. 
Marie has earrings, and a beauty mark and powdered hair so chic! 
I've added a few new ornaments to the tree as well all things that MA was interested in.
More Pinkmas pictures coming we are finally finished decorating
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ghost of Marie Antoinette and her executioner

Ghost of Versailles

Pink Boy enjoys dressing up with me for Halloween every year. This year we were dearly departed Marie Antoinette and her executioner.
He seemed to enjoy his role a little too much. Hope that no additional life insurance has been taken out on me recently. 
We had the fog, the screeching raven, the spooky music, bones and bloody body parts scattered around the path to the door. 
Several smaller children wouldn't come up the path. 
We always get about 250-300 treaters and with such a warm night this year we went through all our candy 11 huge bags! 
It was fun.
Marie would have been happy with all the love and attention of her subjects!
Have a Pink day!
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