Sunday, December 27, 2015

English National Ballet tree

Oh so clever an cute!!
Wish I had thought of that!
Very pink and pretty and since dancers usually only get one or two performances out of the shoes they can accumulate them rapidly to make the tree.
Have a Pink day!

Pinkmas pretties

 Marie Antoinette crochet doll new this year she sits by MA tree with her dog Mops
 English National Ballet tree from Facebook
 Versailles gift shop purchase I only bought one ...why? Hmmm
 Paper Nosh image trimmed with Dresden trim I made this.
Collection of vintage tree toppers pinks n silver ones

Pinkmas still dancing in my head. Listening to holiday music and loving Classical Baroque music. My sweet mother coming to visit next week so I'm glad all the decorations will be up. I take them down after Epiphany ( Jan 6) .
If you read this blog or look back on older holiday posts I like to change things around a bit every year keeps me occupied and from being bored with the outcome.
Already having ideas for next year adding a flocked tree a skinny one i n formal living room would be nice doing it all white would be fun too we shall see.
Have a Pink day!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Pinkmas 2015

Pink Boy folded the napkins into trees --we watched a You Tube video to see how to do it.
 lt is always fun to host Pinkmas Eve dinner and use pretty china and silver and good food.  
I hope your 2016 full of love, friends, family, health!
Have a Pink day!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pinkmas my favorite time of year

 Armand under the tree all my cats love the tulle and the twinkie lights
 My big swan now has two babies this year one under the tree and one in the sleigh

 Barry Belcher swan topper
Pinkmas decorating

So sorry blog friends for being absent so long.
 We had a death in our family and that took the pop out of me for awhile. 
Decorating for the holiday and making some decorating changes helped perk me up a bit.
The main change was we bought a flip tree from Balsam Hill ( I do not get paid to endorse them) which is wonderful, very natural looking and easy to set up prelit and all that too. ANd I added a new swan topper to the large tree ( tree covered in swans, EIffel Towers, peonies , pearls all the things I love) mde by Barry Belcher he is on You Tube and has an Etsy shop. It is wonderful! 
I also added ribbon and pearl strands this year and had a local calligrapher write Merry Pinkmas on one of the ribbons.
Love to change things up a bit.
We have much to be joyful about and wonderful memories of people who have left us far too early.
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Puppet of Marie Antoinette

I think this needle-felted puppet of Marie Antoinette is divine!! 
I have contacted Laura Lee Burch, the artist, to see if she will make one for me in the year ahead. 
Maybe a little smaller than the one above.
 I can just see this beautiful puppet living in  my French armoire and coming out to be part of my Marie Antoinette themed tree scene at holiday time.
Some things like this puppet make me so happy and I wish I could create something beautiful like her.
 But I lack any real artistic skills. My talent seems to be ability to find lovely things and appreciate them.
So it is with baited breath I await her decision.Keep pink fingers crossed! 
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Courting settee a perfect spot for taking tea

A treasure we found at Scott's Antique Market a few months ago. 
It is an 18th century French courting settee. Original for the most part and I left it alone .
I had a new silk cushion made for it and that is the end of the" restoration". I adore it. 
I can move it around for a party, I can relax on it with a cup of tea and I can certainly see gifts set on it near the Pinkmas tree!
Having all these pretty objects from 18th century France just feeds my soul and my fantasy of living in that time period.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Swans and more swans

 Swan Princess oh how I want to have this!!She is soo pretty

 I'm wearing this hat next year in Charleston, SC Easter Parade

 Swan rocker can't find it anywhere!! Love it the dogs would love to sit in it.
Swan wall art I'd like it even more as an entire swan
I google swans a lot. Many times I learn new facts about swans. Sometimes new images pop up and I find a source for some lovely swan artwork or hat .
I keep my eyes open for swans to put around my swan theme Pinkmas tree. I like to add new elements.
Now I must save my money for swan hat and swan princess soft  swan art work.
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pink swans

 Pink swans!!! 
It really is very hard to be good and not buy things when they come as a double whammy of things I adore PINK and A SWAN. Now come on,  how could I not want them? At least they were not expensive.
Swans make me so happy, as does the color pink.My own brand of double  happiness.
Join in on Pink Saturday at:
Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Quest for the pink mercury glass trees

I found this photo on Pinterest ( I think) and have wanted these pink trees for over 2 years now.
I think they came from Michael's craft store.but I didn't see them there to buy them.
Now I can't find pink mercury glass trees anyplace!! I would think they would be a popular item! 
If anyone sees these please leave me a comment. 
They fit in so well with all my Pinkmas decorations.
Have a Pink day!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Souffle likes to hide in the pillows on the bed

My sweet quiet girl Souffle-Marie loves to hide in the pillows on the bed.
She somehow get right in the middle without knocking any over and sits there so pleased with herself but not moving.  After a few minutes she somehow pops out, again not messing up any pillows. We call her the perfect girl,she is so quiet does nothing wrong, likes to look at stuff and sleep near me.She even sneezes quietly. 
She makes us smile and makes us slow down and take the time to talk to her and sit still with her.
Join in the fun over at Pink Saturday:
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Portrait vintage ring

I like vintage jewelry!
 I find it is made well and many times one of a kind. 
This is a portrait ring I found on an antiques web site called Ruby Lane. I was actually looking for a miniature portrait and this ring popped up among the other offerings.
I have never seen a portrait ring before. It is actually painted and behind glass. It is a ring that I will wear only when I am not going to get my hands wet. I believe it is from 1960's or a bit earlier.
Have you seen one before I am curious let me know.
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lavabo... say what?

My dear friend is going to move to assisted living and she had this antique lavabo in her bathroom and she gave it to me. It is pink and red and white and has chinoiserie scenes so pretty. 
Lavabos were originally used in churches for ecclesiastical purposes and then some were made for gardens. Now they are largely decorative. This one is missing the bowl at the bottom where water for hand washing would spill into.  But I think it is gorgeous and best of all when I look at it I will be reminded or my friend.
Sharing with friends is so important. Sharing our time with others helping out or just listening is important too.
Have a Pink day!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Marie Antoinette books and trinkets

Two new to me books  both in French 

Snow scene I love it. How I would love to glide on the snow in a swan shaped sleigh!

More typical courting scene on this fan from early 1900s
Another favorite MA book by Boyer. Lovely and informative.

 Trinkets a la Marie Antoinette a monocular for bird watching and a seal for her monogram for sealing letters.The monogram is on the book. 
She had her monogram on some of her furniture as well.
It is also on the wrought iron balcony at Petit Trianon.
Please humor me and my on-going fantasy of living in France in 18th Century. 
I try and find things that would be around at that time. 
My latest find is a monocular for bird watching(something that I do) painted with blue birds. I got it on Ruby Lane from a shop called World Rarities.

She has a lot of lovely French antiques and small items. Very rococo selection in her shop.

The two books are not new but I just bought them. 
One is about what she would have eaten called A la Table and the large one was published in 2012 Marie-Antoinette la vie a Versailles
Both are in French but I can muddle through and the photos are so lovely they are worth it as "looking at books". 
I have many books on MA and 18th Century and Madam de Pompadour also. 
 The two fans are new and addition to my small collection. I will have them framed at some point.The one even had original case. 
Do you pretend to be in another time or place?
 It is great free fun!
Have a Pink day!
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