Monday, January 31, 2011

The lions of Paris

Lion fountain I think in St Germain area

This is an excellent door knocker!

My photo I think this is at Pont Alexander

Linda's photos from her recent trip above and below

I love lions. Pink Boy is a Leo as am I. We seem to notice them because of this I think. There are many lions to be seen in Paris if one takes the time to look closely.

The super talented Linda Carswell of the blog Une Petite Folie has let me use her lion photos. She notices all the lovely details in Paris also.

Living my PINK life is so fun and it includes trying to notice all the beauty and detail around me.
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The PINK housewife of Beverly Hills !

Lisa Vanderpump loves pink and lives in a French style Beverly Hills estate
Lisa and her husband Ken are married 29 years and Giggy the Pom!
The Vanderpump estate

Why don't we all have this closet?

Pool area notice the lovely flowers!

Poor little Giggy being carried and dressed up all has worn him out!

Usually I do not watch reality TV ( because it really isn't real most of the time) but one day I had the TV on and Lisa Vanderpump was on it sitting in her home. I loved her house and started watching the show because of her. I think she is a decent, classy woman. One BH housewife who does work and has been married to same man for 29 years and raised two children. I love her clothing style (age appropriate and stylish not faddish) and I love, love her home. I gather the house may be up for sale for $29 million--it is an estate after all in Beverly Hills-- and the realtor is co-reality housewife Kyle's husband. To see more of this gorgeous French style home click here:

I think Lisa and I have a lot in common, tiny dogs, love of pink in the home and for clothing, she gardens, loves French style and arranges beautiful floral bouquets for her restaurant.

Oh,, let me know if you buy it. I'd love to come over for tea with you!

Have a Pink day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Black swan pins and pink sachets

My new swan pin is resting on a peony sachet
Glittery swan pin by Joan Rivers via QVC. Sachet from Whispers from the Past

How I would love to have pet swans again. I miss "my" swans

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Swans and ballet are intertwined in my mind. The ballerina Anna Pavlova (yes of the dessert fame) loved the role of Odette in Swan Lake and she even had a pet swan.

J'adore swans and jewelry! I have been a customer of QVC 's Joan Rivers Collections since early 90's Her costume jewelry is well made and well priced. When I saw this black swan on her web site I waited anxiously till her QVC visit began and bought the pin online before she even showed it on the air. I was right to do that. It sold out in 20 minutes she barely had it in front of the camera.

I still have not seen the movie I waited for so anxiously- - Black Swan--everyone told me it is too violent and disturbing for me. I so wanted to see the dancing and costumes. Maybe I will rent it one day and speed through the gory or disturbing parts.

Black or white I love all swans and for now this wonderful and glittery pin is resting on a pretty pink sachet created by Roberta at Whispers from the Past until I attach her to some tote or jacket collar.
Lots more pink posts if you check earlier posts this week

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tulips and Tea by the fire on a gloomy day

Tulips and tea by the fire on a chilly grey day -- the warmth of your friendship makes my day
Tulips and cake and French tea these always cheer me!

Come sit by the fire and relax

It was so gloomy I lit votives. Pink sugar and Marie Antoinette tea from Laduree

My treasured silver heart tea ball from a long ago trip to London.

One of my old silver tea strainers that I collect. This one is so delicate

Pink scalloped edge napkins are so fun used with a white linen table runner

Almost all ready--ooh where is the sweet treat?

My teapot is full of French tea so soothing on a chilly day

Chocolate cake and good company always brighten any day!

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We are having some grey, gloomy days lately. The winter grey days make most of us a bit gloomy or depressed. What better way to cheer yourself and others than by having a lovely sweet tea by the fire?

My tea set is one of the first things I bought when we married. It is all hand painted and had all those soft colors I love. It has served me well for over 30 years. The dessert plates I found later but they are an almost match!

Tulips always make me think there is hope for sun again and that spring will be here soon.

I put the tea things on my papier mache coffee table. I bought it in Savannah years ago. I love having tea by the fire especially with friends dear blog reader so join me and

Have a Pink day!

Snow time is snuggle time!

When it is snowy and cold like this Vaux le Vicomte photo

I just want to remain all snuggled up inside the house

Cold weather is not my favorite. I prefer to stay where the fire is blaizng and the sofa is soft for snuggling. I dream of spring blossoms and soft petals blowing in the spring breeze.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pearls and Pagodas the artistry of Erica Courtney

All these wonderful, spirited creations are the work of jeweler Erica Courtney. I love the all but I love the pearls topped by pagodas the most. Two of my favorite things in one!
These are all so delicate yet they make a statement. There is craftsmanship and quality. She doesn't rely on the big stone to do all the work of impressing.
Should I enter a parallel universe and become wealthy or win the lottery I would love to own the pearls.
I really think she is one of the most creative and stylish designers working today. Visit her web site at: Images all from Erica Courtney.
Have a Pink day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Versailles by candlelight..come with me...

Wearing your tiara is a must for a night visit to Versailles
Hurry through the gates dear, this is a rare treat!

Even at night the hall of mirrors is astounding! Our footsteps sound so loud!

You look lovely quit primping, they are getting ready for us tonight!

A private area of the last Queen of France, I feel she may walk in at any moment!

Look at all the inticate details they seem to glow at night !
Sshhh... Quick put on your tiara, take this candle and follow me thru the gates.
I would love to tour Versailles at night wouldn't you?

Here we go-- notice how everything seems even lovelier and more romantic at night? Just think of these rooms lit with hundreds of candles -- that warm glow , the scent of perfume and the tinkle of the harpsichord. Lets dance!
Life is but a dream n'est-il pas?

Have a Pink day! ( and night)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pink china the obsession continues...will you join me for breakfast?

Will you join me for petit dejjeuner by the French doors?
Love Disarmed --I am besotted by this silver! Venus is beautiful holding cupid.

Myott plates and pink depression glass fruit cups

J'adore Katherine Houston ceramics

I treasure my letters from my friends especially ones from Becky!

My waterford jam pot and Love Disarmed sugar tongs! Tres elegant , non?

Just breakfast for one unless you care to join me?

I got the demi tasse cups locally
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Is there a 12 Step Program for the china obsessed? I should be the first to join. I love collecting, using, displaying and searching for pretty pink china. So here is my latest "find" Myott pink Staffordshire. This patterns comes in other colors but I had to find the PINK. My silver is Reed and Barton Love Disarmed. If anyone sees any for sale let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me. I still need pieces to do place settings for eight.

I just ordered some of these dinner plates on Amazon and now I found the demitasse cups in a local antique shop. They were inexpensive so I bought them. Fun to use my new plates for the first time.

Well, the matching plates arrived and I was alone and set up a little breakfast table in the master bedroom where I can eat and read my mail. How I love to read a personal letter from a friend. I love to watch the birds from the bedroom.

Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why wasn't I informed ? Look what Dita did in pink.

I am a big fan of Dita von Teese the burlesque queen, a classy lady and a vintage style aficionado. She partnered with Cointreau and created this fabulous jewelry box in pink. Stupid me for not getting on her email newsletter. I missed all the fun and I think they are all sold out now.

Dita has become her own brand with endorsements and a lingerie and stocking line. She was featured in In Style magazine this month. We got a peek into her very vintage/retro home. I love her style and that she lives her retro look all the time--just like I live my pink life all the time. We are devoted to our respective styles.

And I learned something that we have in common-- we both collect Love Disarmed silver flatware! It features a woman holding a baby she looks half naked thus the appeal I guess. I like it because it is different. I love when a guest will look down at it and say, " Is that a naked woman on your silver?"
Well, I missed the boat on this pink prize- next time will someone tell me when she designs something pink? I used to joke when I was teaching and the school administration would change things I would always say Why wasn't I informed (I usually had ignored a memo) and it has become my fall back line when I miss out on anything.

Have a Pink day!
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