Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swan weather vane and tutorial in patina on copper

We have wanted a weather vane for awhile. I think I have wanted one since I saw Mary Poppins as a kid. I remember one on the roof of the weather telling neighbor. 
My ideal weather vane has always been a swan since I am so swan obsessed. It is hard to find a pretty one that is not too abstract or too small.  I found ours online at East Coast Weather Vanes.com. It was on sale so Pink Boy said to order it.
We decided to make it look older to make a patina on it.
Here are the steps to age copper:
We just did the swan not the brass NSEW thing.
Spray with window cleaner leave it wet
Mix distilled vinegar, ammonia and kosher salt in the quart spray bottle. Shake till blended.
Make the spray nozzle a fine mist and spray entire piece evenly. We hung it upside down between the inside of a ladder then we over entire ladder with thin plastic drop cloths sort of tented it. 
Check on it about an hour later it will be  changing some and respray any area you missed.
Wait about 8 hours and check again and install. Do no wipe it or remove any of the greenish powder. 
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh how I love a cute hat

Hats are wonderful, wish women still wore them as everyday item. I think that my pink life is fun  because I do wear a hat sometimes and do wear gloves sometimes. Even if no one else cares I enjoy doing it. Pink living ,to me, means not doing what everyone else does if you do not wish to conform. Find your own style and comfort level with hats and clothing and enjoy.
Have a Pink day!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Tiara fun

Souffle-Marie is a Princess!
We always knew she was and now she wears her tiara proudly. Sometimes she is weary of her Princess duties and falls asleep with the crown on.
Souffle-Marie, my sweet, shy, little -love, came to me from Good Mews Cat Shelter.
 I volunteer there now and see many lovely cats and kittens. If you want a wonderful cat come visit Good Mews. Their fundraiser is a big flea market-- it is still going on every weekend through May 12th
Here is their link for more information
Souffle-Marie always has a Pink day--after all most Princess do.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Closet issues

Closet Drama and makeover

The horror that I have lived with for the last 15 years---my unruly closet! No matter how I try and organize it- -how I try to remove stuff it is always a nightmare. I actually give up on wearing certain garments and accessories because it is too hard to find them in there. I had a lot of stuff in tubs up high that required  Pink Boy to haul them down so that happens ...NEVER! ha

After asking for a closet system forever Pink Boy finally got really tired of my complaining and begging and said yes. So April 3 the wonderful people from Artisan Closets came out to do a makeover! They are a local company and did a great job were quick and on time.

Before the make over I felt like my closet was on crack all crazy and confused

What is this? I cant find anything
One major problem was I had too many non-apparel items in there- -so I took all the wrapping paper and ribbons and gift bags out and made a closet upstairs for all that. I also gave away some handbags I never use to Goodwill.
Artisan Closets did a wonderful job--ask for Vicki if you are ready for a change:
I wanted the new closet to be organized with more drawers and to have a boutique feel to it. I love white so it is white.Pink Boy painted the ceiling a pale pink and I found a small inexpensive yet sparkly chandelier on EBay and a cute ceiling medallion too for $20.00 on Ebay.
One of my favorite parts is my monogram that Pink Boy stenciled on the new mirror where I will see it everyday.
 My nicer handbags behind doors to protect them
 All my shoes are in one place -- a miracle
 Closet is open now and wider area 
 New pink ceiling and chandelier on a dimmer
 Still using my hatboxes and pretty things
 A lot of my clothing is now up high --a great thing when you have cats!!
 Storage and hanging areas

Part of my Laduree stuff 
 Flower handbag too pretty to put away
 My MA monogram on the mirror
 Sort of a dresser area above the drrawers
 Pink Boy painted MA on with a stencil and Martha Stewart glass paint
A new pink area rug and my frou frou slippers
The best thing ever... a valet pole so useful 
A long shot showing how wide it is and how much storage 
 I always have a Pink Pig calendar
 Another long shot
Fabulous refers to the Closet make over 
Behind the door lots more hanging area and storage

I feel like a pink princess with my redone closet. I think it is the best gift Pink Boy has given me (other than our pets) It makes me so happy to go in there and I feel so organized now.Less stress and now I can accessorize!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring blossoms


Spring is here in my garden things ready to go POP! Apple blossoms on the tree along the side path
and my new plant a cardoon is huge. I hear it blooms only every few years. It is in artichoke family and sort of resembles that plant. Everything the blooms is pink or white.Perfect weather here today.Hope it is where you are.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Come to the flea market and help save a life

My kitty girls and I would love for those of you who live locally ( Marietta GA) to stop by the flea market. It runs every weekend through early May. All proceeds go to support the Good Mews no kill cat shelter. I adopted two of my cats from there and was so impressed I have been volunteering there for almost 2 years. It is a top notch shelter and we place so many lovely cats who would otherwise be killed. No nice way to say it. Good Mews saves lives over 300 a year. 
Being kind to animals is so important to me.
Have a Pink day!

A monogrammed tea caddy

Marie Antoinette tea caddy in silver !

I will reuse this for a long long time. I am crazy about my  monogram. I bought the tea on Amazon. I can't tell you how much I shop on Amazon and Ebay.
The tea is wonderful (I did a previous post on it) and the silver caddy is cute. I love having a cup of tea in the afternoon when I feel I am drooping a bit! It does cause you to pause a bit and relax a little. Nothing picks me up like a warm tea and a small treat of snack.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

French chair makeover and one happy cat

 Chair at Wisteria catalog on sale proportions were great fabric not my style
 Painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint by me used white over the wood then used her clear wax
Snowflake is under the impression that this is her chair.

French Chair Redo
I love this style of French chair! I never bought one before because they were always incorrectly proportioned. French furniture only looks good if the ratios are correct. This was in a catalog I get--Wisteria (http://www.wisteria.com/ )
and it was on sale!  I didn't care for the fabric at all or the color of the wood. 
I bought it anyway because of the size and good bones. When it arrived (very quickly) I put it in the garage and mixed my white Annie Sloan chalk paint with a touch of water and painted the wood. It was a quick job of it just some coverage of white I did not totally cover all the frame.
Then I found this yummy pink suede fabric for it at a very good price.
And 3 weeks after dropping it off at upholstery shop... Voila! My new chair is at home in formal living room. I had some pink silk made into pillows and this pillow fits the chair perfectly.
Snowflake adores the new chair! I have yet to enjoy it myself. 
I am freshening up my formal living room with new pillows, this new chair and new draperies too.Two more chairs to redo will show those too.
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