Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laduree carriage in pink

Laduree spring window

Laduree carriage towel from Japan

I love the Laduree products including their cute towels and totes. This is a little washcloth that was made for the Japanese market. Pink sells well in Japan. I love the carriage. It reminds me of the one in the Marie Antoinette movie.

I may make this into a pillow for my cats or I may use it on my vanity somehow.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Table Top Tuesday- using what you collect

New to me inkwell very pink!

A cup ready for hot tea if it is a cold night

Take a peek at my table top for today

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While this is not a dining table I thought I would share the top of the nightstand. I keep buying inkwells-- many are inexpensive ones or pink ones and I want to use what I collect so I try to find creative ways to use them since I do not write with pen and ink very often.

Here on the nightstand it holds my little monogram ed MA pill holder.

My nightstand always has favorite books.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seasonal Sunday and an Easter Tablescape

Rose napkin rings bought in Bath England years ago

Felted bunny

I like a busy table

I am joining in on Seasonal Sunday at The Tablescaper

I posted some of these photos a year or so ago but thought with Easter coming up so soon I would revisit my Easter Egg table again. I got all the egg boxes at Home Goods last year.

The cabbage is my prized piece of Katherine Houston ! I bought it in Charleston, S.C. on a visit there. I have this portable round table and I can move it inside or outside for intimate dining.

Silver flatware is my Love Disarmed pattern.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hello Kitty a love affair

What a delightful cake!

J'adore Hello Kitty. I think if Marie Antoinette were alive today she would love it too. So Pink, so girly, so pretty, a kitty with a fabulous lifestyle and cute bows. Even a fancy race car! I could see a Hello Kitty inspired Marie Antoinette era ball gown with a coordinating towering headpiece with Hello Kitty peeping out from the flowers

Yum Yum Yum these are so cute would anyone actually eat them?

I actually had a Hello Kitty toaster for awhile--Pink Boy would roll his eyes when I served him toast! Hmm

Even cats need bling

Happy Pink Saturday
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Wednesday and White Clematis

Welcome to White Wednesday at Faded Charm:
Down my side path into the back garden is a gate that is topped by an arbor. I have Mortimer Sackler roses growing up it and evergreen white clematis on top of it. It is in full bloom now--the white clematis. It smells like jasmine. I cut a little and put it on the bedside table. It scents entire room.

I believe it only grows in mild climates. I could picture Marie Antoinette walking under arbors of this at her little farm at Versailles.

The gate that it covers is the gate I want to have replaced with my monogrammed gate in iron.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Legal matters and Pinterest--not sure this is a Pink Girl thing

I have resisited using Pinterest and then last night finally posted some images to a board. Then I read some troubling legal information about the site and have decided to not use it in the future unless they change their policy. I feel it leaves us all open to lawsuits if someone should pursue it. It also allows anyone to take your image ( if you use just your own images you can't be sued by anyone else for copyright) and make it into something or use it and profit from it.

So think about this before you post images-- are you confortable with the risks?

Ideally, this would be a wonderful sharing tool but the way the wording is on the consent you the posting person are held responsible.

Go to these sites to learn more:

So read and consider if this is worth it to you.

Have a Pink day!

Table Top Tuesday ,Wow Us Wednesday and an homage to Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette's Petit Theatre

This orchid is tiny and keeps blooming!

Part of my fan collection also

In Memory of the Late Queen of France

In my on-going love of all things Marie Antoinette, rococo and Versailles I did another little homage to the late Queen on my mantle in the master bedroom. My tiny orchid keeps on blooming and the photo and faux books look of that era.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sevres inkwell- Friday blog parties, Pink Saturday

Entry hall
My crown jewel of an inkwell--so pretty

Inkwells are addicting!
Happy Pink Saturday too join the fun click below:
I have about 9 inkwells now. I buy them on EBay or local flea markets. I must stop no more room at my chateau.

This one is my latest purchase and so very French I love it! It goes right along with my pretending to live in France at time of Louis XVI! This was purchased on Ruby Lane.
It is in perfect condition too.
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Teeny tiny itsy bitsy... inkwell

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When people used to write by hand and used inkwells I bet they never ever dreamed there would be a device that wrote for you -- and then the typewrite and later computer came along and really changed the way we communicate. I like the juxtaposition of the lap top and the inkwell-- if my computer gets persnickety again I can always write a letter with ink!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Soap carving in Japan

I am appealing to you again, dear blog readers for some direction--does anyone know how I can find the person who makes such lovely soap carvings? Her carvings are more elaborate ( this image above is not off her blog.) I believe her name is Momo or Momoyakko? Her blog is in Japanese.

I can't figure out how to email her or if she is just showing the soaps or if she carves them and sells them. I wanted to purchase some.

I think soap carving is so lovely remainds me of the carved fruites and veggies I see in French and Japanese cuisine. How cool would that be in a guest bath or a powder room? It so goes with my Pink Living concept making the everyday special and pretty to make life wonderful everyday not just on a few days.

Have a Pink day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Peonies for a cake --pink bien sur!

Happy Pink Saturday

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These amazing peonies are made for a cake. They are from DK Designs Hawaii and are made out of couture clay. She will make them for your cake and ship. Then they can be removed from the cake and saved instead of saving top of the cake. She has been featured on Martha Stewart's show and she does a variety of flowers. they have over 70 petals and are about 5-6 inches across

I will be ordering one of these for our next big anniversary to place on a small cake.

Here is her Etsy link:

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Laduree Japan cherry blossoms and 150 year anniversary

The French Macaron is 150 years old and to celebrate that creation Laduree teamed up with Tsumori Chisato ( Japan's famous fashion designer) under the direction of Laduree chef Vincent Lemains and created a cherry blossom macaron!

What better way to usher in spring and the cherry blossom viewings! I wish I could be in Japan to see the cherry blossoms and picnic under the trees and dine on cherry blossom macaron.

Japanese Laduree locations seem to get more items for sale especially pink items and Marie Antoinette influenced designs.

Have a Pink day!

The artistic letters of my friend --the gift of correspondence

My little desk in master bedroom I love to sit here and read and write letters

The lovely letters and cards I recieved from my friend Becky

I treasure all her wonderful notes and cards

The envelopes are works of art my mailman loves them!

Beautiful letters and envelopes
I've shown other correspondence from my dear friend Becky in Colorado. She is so creative and kind. I save all my handwritten letters and sometimes on a rainy day will look through them.

These sweet notes were response to a Valentine package I sent her. Not only are the letters and Valentine hearts works of art-- so are the envelopes.

My mailman has commented on them and how he likes to look at the envelopes.

Taking the time to write and to paint all this is such a gift and makes my life so delightful.
All part of living fully, artfully, creatively and pinkly!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

French clocks are so beautiful

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This is a "new to us" clock we bid on on EBay. It came from UK but it is a French clock. It chimes and works but the French clocks are delicate so we have it at a clock repair to fine tune the time. It is a simple mechanism that has not changed in over 100 years. Louis XVI loved to tinker with clocks and locks and blacksmith. This is an extremely feminine clock so it goes on the mantel in master bedroom.

I love the Sevres porcelain face and the delicate hands.

Have a Pink day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A few new things for the mantle Feathered Nest Friday

Our new,to us, old clock. It is French and chimes hours and half hour

Tiny orchid that I love

I love our mantle. I purchased it in California and had our builder install it. It is tres French, and our new clock is French also. I love to hear it chime. The orchid is a tiny pale pink one from Kroger--they have great orchids at good prices.

I love mixing French and Japanese pieces in my home.

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