Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome to my pink world

Well what started off years ago as a fun little "joke" has turned into a lifestyle and a way that I create my own "world" for friends and family.

Pink has always been my favorite color so wearing pink and collecting pink things was just easy and fun. Then people began to give me pink things and associate me with that color. I can truly say it makes me happy to see pink and I think some studies on color theory have shown that pink is calming.

Join me on future posts to see what I mean by "pink living". I also have some things that I adore and am drawn to again and again--pagoda shapes, Paris, peonies, pastry, cabbages, chinoiserie, Maltese dogs too and white animals. Gardening (with pink flowers bien sur) is also a major passion and ballet and dance in general. Only with a pink spin!

Have a PINK day!
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