Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hippy hop hop tablescape -- dinner for a friend

Dinner with a good friend is one of my favorite things
Runner Home Goods this year pink cake plate Home Goods this year
Pink and white plaid plate Paper Affair last year Placemats Home Goods
A simple centerpiece - cachepot filled with oasis foam then add hydrangeas and tulips
One of my many bunny pitchers this one a tiny one good for salad dressing
Early evening sun in the dining room
Tiny pitcher and bunny salt and pepper Home Goods
Napkin rings from QVC napkins Home Goods
Pastries from Sugar Cakes very European in taste and style

Show and Tell Friday

Today's tablescape is also a pre-Easter/Spring one. Please visit Susan at:

I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend who shares so many of my interests. I love to have her over for dinner. This week I decided to do a pre -pre Easter table setting using some of my finds from Home Goods and Paper Affair.

It is so fun to make a pretty table. I know she enjoys that type of thing and that makes it that much more fun to do.

The menu was a simple one: Spinach salad with avocado and pomegranate seeds, chicken pot pie from Paul's Pot Pies off Marietta Square and green beans with pastries from Sugar Cakes at the Marietta Square.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dressing room fun page down for Tea Time Tuesday

Look at the doors of the closets--to die for details! Not my colors but so elegant

This is stuck here page down for tea post for Tuesday please.

Vanities and dressing rooms Oh how I wish I had a dressing room-- a proper one like the closet lined area above. With a pretty vanity. I used to have a vanity table but had to convert that space to a desk for blogging and working at home. It is so civilized to have a dressing room and vanity. So indulgent. So old Hollywood. It is still fun to look at other people's spaces. Have a Pink day!

Tea and macarons in the bedroom

Pink tea cup I love the flowers inside the cup and the cut work saucer An inviting spot to rest and read my chair is small fits the small room
Tea in a pink cutwork cup and pink macarons from Sugar Cakes
Lap desk and letters that I treasure
For the small, small print a little lorgnette from my collection Happy vacation memories and a comfy pink throw Tea break in the bedroom surrounded by my special photos

Tea and Pink Macarons Join Wanda Lee at: and Lady Katherine at: Tea Time Tuesday Link here:

and Sandi at:

Many times on a gloomy or rainy day I will have a little tea break in the master bedroom. My chair is a boudoir size and fits me perfectly.

I love to gather my new magazines and letters and spend an hour or two reading magazines and writing letters and looking at vacation photos. A real letter is so precious to me that I save them. I love my little lap desk that my friend MJ made for me decoupaging it with cherubs and pretty paper. It is such a luxury to have such a custom made item. I have used it for about 20 years now.

My local pastry shop, Sugar Cakes on the Marietta Square, now makes macarons!! Yum

Whom do you enjoy writing letters to? Do you save your letters?

Have a Pink day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Come on inside the gate ...Pink in the garden

Welcome to my early spring garden
Come on in stop and smell the evergreen clematis over the gate

Carter's sunburst camellia

Ornamental cherry trees in back garden

Flowering quince on chimney wall

Evergreen clematis over the back archway gate smells like jasmine
Pink redbud tree still a baby at 2 years old

Redbud blooms close up

Blossom of pink viburnum

Happy Pink Saturday Join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to
enjoy other pink posts:
Come on in and visit a little I love to have company in the garden

As some of you know my garden is mainly pink or white flowering plants and trees and almost all are fragrant. I love searching for new pink plants to use. A few years ago I bought a pink redbud tree. Redbud trees grow all over the south and usually bloom a purple color or lavender. I found a pink variety it is rather new. It is doing so well. In a few years it will be about 7 feet tall. The flowering almond trees already bloomed in February they are my first pink plant to bloom besides camellias

I also planted pink Daphne and pink Viburnum ! So many plants are ready to "pop" any day now! I love that my garden reflects the colors inside of my home .

Have a Pink day!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Modern take on a French classic

Happy Show and Tell Friday Please check out all the other posts at Cindy's My Romantic Home:
This table from (yes, you guessed it) Home Goods is a modern version of the formal metal and glass or metal and marble French gueridon table. They are usually small in size meant to hold a candle or a few books. The French antique ones are usually way out of my price range so when I saw this one I grabbed it.

It lives in my formal living room now between a sofa and a chair in an area that needed a table so guests can rest a glass when they visit. I have my old family photo of my grandmother and two great aunts and great uncle. I love this photo of them as children.

I love the curvy legs and curlicues of iron. It reminds me of a piece that would be in a modern French apartment.

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to the Spring garden!

Scroll down for Tablescape Thursday's post this is stuck here keep looking down

This fine fellow says," Come on in to the Spring garden lovely blog friends!" It is almost peony and sweet pea time.

Isn't he charming? So French, non? He is an inkwell when he is not ushering people into the garden.

This is just a little peek .. more to come.

Have a Pink day!

Pre Easter lunch on a very sunny Spring day

Early Easter themed lunch table on the patio
Pink and lavender seem to be my accent colors

I love serving fruit juices in champagne flutes

Chargers Versailles by Fitz and Floyd

Gold rimmed dinner plate Eternal by Lenox

Fun little ceramic aspargus box and Waterford cake plate

Glass bunny covered dish from Horchow a few years ago
Cloisonne peony black salad plate Fitz and Floyd

Egg used to be full of Godiva chocolates

Pink Boy's basket set out to make him wonder what will be in it

Sugar egg from last year and some chocolate inside the paper egg

This pretty pink hydrangea will be in my garden soon

Happy Tablescape Thursday please visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch:

Pink Boy usually takes us out for Easter dinner or brunch. So I like to do a few Easter themed tables before the holiday--sometimes I invite a girlfriend or two, or my Pink mom in law, or just Pink Boy.

This outdoor lunch table was spur of the moment. I haven't used my Faberge egg fabric tablecloth that I had made for the patio table yet so that was fun to use. The fabric came out years ago when the big Faberge exhibit was touring the United States. It is a little more sophisticated than the usual Easter egg themed table cloths. I like the black background.

The arbor plants (wisteria and jasmine) have not filled in yet overhead so it was very sunny. I put Pink Boy's Easter basket on the table just for fun. Caught him peeking but I haven't really put anything new in it .
The pink hydragea is a new variety and soon will find itself living in the garden. I like using a cake plate to add height for the centerpiece. I prefer sort of a busy table and I think this one is fairly full.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Silly little tea cup and other tea things

Waterford sugar and creamer and a little bell to ring

I am feeling a bit frivolous today so I am showing you my silly tea cup I got last year. It could be used when sewing but I display it in my curio. I bought it from Etsy I think and now have forgotten the name of the lady. She turns old tea cups into little pretty objects. I could use this on a tea table as part of table top interest.

Love the pink lusterware and the girls holding the hand fans are perfect since I collect hand fans

Visit Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor:

Don't miss Wanda Lee and her Tea for Two at:

Join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for more fun

Have a Pink day!

Every girl needs a puff even Marie Antoinette

Even Marie Antoinette had a swans down powder puff, bien sur!

I found this delightful photo on the Caron Perfumes web site. They sell in New York and Paris too of course. If you are in Paris the Caron shop off the Champs Elysees is a very pretty one.

Swans down puffs are the height of extravagance, I think, they make a little fun treat for yourself.

I used to have a full dressing table in the bedroom and now have a small desk. I miss the dressing table. I have moved all my little bits and bobs to the top of my lingerie chest--another thing a girl should always have -- a neatly sorted storage area for the various lingerie one needs.

Have a Pink day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prayer and positive thoughts for Japan

Do what you can for Japan. Prayers are always helpful.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink and green new cabbage bowl

Pink veining on leaves

Happy Pink Saturday!
Check out How Sweet the Sound for more pink posts:

I am besotted with cabbages real and ceramic-- ornamental and edible. I love the ruffled leaves and the textures, the pink or purple tint to the leaves. I love the roundness of the cabbage head. This is my latest find-- a pretty green and pink bowl from Charleston Gardens catalog. It was my favorite shop in Charleston on Queen Street. Sadly, it closed a few years ago and now orders are taken via catalog and Internet only. They do have awfully nice things for sale.

I ordered one bowl but it is so pretty I may get another.

Have a Pink day!
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