Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween! I love this holiday--the drama, the spooky stuff, the ghost stories, the fog machine we have going and I always bake some special treats for some of the children I know.

I do have a beef with Martha Stewart--the cello bags barely fit around the picket fence treat holder!! That was scary trying to get it in without ripping the bag!

So even though it is Halloween ...

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life is better in soft focus even Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday please visit How Sweet the Sound to view other pink minded posts today!
As part of my philosophy of" pink living" I tend to like things soft around the edges sometimes even a bit dreamy. My new camera has a soft focus feature that I just learned about and here are a few pictures using soft focus.

Life is so hard and sometimes so ugly I like to retreat to my pink world to relax and renew before facing reality again. Everything is better in pink I think.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dahlia dan le jardin

I always think of an Agatha Christie novel when I say the flower name dahlia. I think Agatha Christie had a character in one of her books by that name.

Anyway, I still have my amazon dahlias in bloom in my garden! They are 6 ft tall and keep blooming away. This is first year I had them and I thought they were going to grow about 18 inches tall. Boy was I confused!

Still a lot of color (pink mainly, bien sur) in my garden. We are due for some cooler days this weekend. I still have my French ornamental cabbages to plant in the borders.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now I know why they say

"Pretty as a peacock"now I know why that expression exists. Isn't this fellow amazing? I have seen a few white peacocks before this one is stunning.
My obsession with white or black and white animals continues. If I ever get a peacock( who knows maybe I will someday) it will be white! I just think white animals look so clean and dreamy.

Some peacocks stroll around the Bois de Boulogne in Paris- -I have not seen white ones there.

We used to have them at the Atlanta zoo too. I got very close to one there once.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raggery my childhood friend

When I was about 5 my elderly neighbor lady made me a rag doll. I named her Raggery and this doll has been with me ever since, she went to college with me and into our first apartment.

I wanted to pack her in my suitcase for our honeymoon but Pink Boy said she could not come along! hummh She got a new dress and new panties a few years ago. I just love her but she is now too old to wash I am told. I spiffed her up as best as I could.

The Lennon Sister (remember them!!) were on the Today Show a few weeks ago showing their dolls they sell on QVC--also rag dolls that look homemade. Their mom made theirs for them for Christmas one year. I couldn't believe how similar they are to Raggery. Perhaps the doll pattern was a popular one at the time or in a woman's magazine?

My friend's 4 year old daughter is getting one of the Lennon Sister's rag dolls for Christmas from me this year. I hope she has as much fun with her as I have had with Raggery. Raggery has always worn pink . She is one of my cherished childhood treasures.

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Regarding pink appliances

In yesterday's post I mentioned how I love having all these pink appliances. Now is a good time to purchase them since many companies are also donating to breast cancer research with a purchase.

I have a two slice pink toaster but Pink Boy wishes we had a 4 slicer- -he can sometimes be a little piggy.

To try to win this wonderful Cuisinart PINK 4 slice toaster visit the blog Tales from an OC Cottage and leave a comment. I just wish the toast would pop up pink.

Have a PINK day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pink, practical and from Paris ...what is it?

I got these at Monoprix. I always hunt through there when I am visiting. I really do not hang out clothes to dry unless I am cleaning vintage linens but I will use these some way. Maybe in making crafts or to position things when taking photos --who knows.

I think it is so fun to have so many pink objects, appliances, utensils that are pink!

They were pink and practical so I had to purchase them! D'accord!

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Soup for supper

Cooler weather makes me hungry for soup. I love to make soups. When Pink Boy was working and then playing racquet ball the other evening I decided to make soup and set a fall table (not a pink plate or glass in sight) and surprise him when he got home. Part of my philosophy of pink living is to make things special, celebrate the beauty in everyday, show love. Home made soup to me means love!

I made cream of yellow pepper soup a recipe I got from Victoria magazine many years ago. It is a favorite and I always make it for Thanksgiving--when I try another soup I hear about it so I always go back to this one. It is a rich creamy soup not spicy unless you add a lot of pepper or cayenne.

I got the two white soup tureens at Homegoods last month 4.99 each could only find two. The pumpkin tureen is several years old and the place mats are actually Le Jacquard Francais tea towels in Autumn colors with an Asian motif. I love using jacquard tea towels as place mats and I also use them in picnic baskets , for dusting since they are not linty, and have recovered stools with them or chair seats and made aprons out of them. Le Jacquard Francais is wonderful bright vivid colors, many themes for the prints. Just fun and stylish. Great hostess gift too.

Cream of Yellow Pepper Soup a la Victoria magazine

4 yellow pepper

1 large onion

2 T olive oil

1/2 c dry white wine

4 cups chicken or vegetable stock

1 T. chopped garlic

1 cup heavy cream

1/4 cup sifted flour

Saute onions in olive oil in a covered deep pan for about 10 min till onion sweat and become clear Add wine and sliced up yellow peppers -simmer for about 5-10 minutes covered. Add warm broth to this alone with garlic and simmer for about 10 min more..

Pour mixture through a colander over a soup pan reserving all liquid in a the soup pot. Puree onion/pepper mixture in food processor till very smooth add back into broth mixture.

Slowly add heavy cream into the sifted flour then add some of the stock slowly into the flour mixture then add all to the soup pot stirring slowly or using an immersion blended if you want.

You can garnish this with herbs, bits of red beet or just a bit of pepper. I use the pink peppercorns just to make it pretty.

I serve it with French bread or Italian garlic bread toasted.

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink treasures from shopping & Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday today. Please visit other pink-minded bloggers at How Sweet the Sound blog whose link is to your right.

A quick run to my local Walmart and Ulta stores yielded big-time pink stuff!! Ulta had a deal for a $5.00 donation to breast cancer research you could get an umbrella or a tote with the pink ribbon on it. I liked this cool umbrella. I will use it.

Walmart had pink plastic storage containers again!! I use them to hold all my holiday stuff, and pink bubble wrap, pink pens that write in pink ink and pink bags and tissue for gift wrapping. I felt like I won the pink lottery!!

Please support pink ribbon merchants and donate to this cause it touches all of our lives. Prayers help too.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sleeping Beauty in Paris in 9th arrondissement

How we all love a story like this! An exquisite apartment in Paris locked for over 70 years very neglected --sleeping under dust, grime and cobwebs. When the owner died at age 91 in 2010( she never returned from the South of France after the war) the apartment was entered and many treasures awaited within.

The most stunning this painting of Marthe de Florian painted in 1898 by Giovanni Boldini (who was one of her many admirers) and a lost love note found in the apartment sealed the authentication of the painting as a Boldini and it sold at auction for 2.1 million Euros. The owner of the apartment was the granddaughter of Marthe de Florian.

The work is one of passion as well as beauty an homage to the woman he loved. Ah isn't that how fairy tales should end?

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tea with ... and a UK tea room

I am still thinking of people I wish I could have tea with. I came across this image of an English tea room I am sure it is in the Cotswold's by the honey colored stone walls.

I would most surely want to have tea with Coco Chanel wouldn't that be interesting?

I also would love to have tea with Stephen Hawking because physics fascinates and mystifies me . Maybe in this very tea room-- it is in UK after all.

I don't think I would try to have tea with both at the same time.That would be bizarre. I have a few more ideas for my fantasy teas.
My friend says she would want to have tea with Jesus and with Buddha -now that would be enlightening!

Have a PINK day!

Another home I think I would like

How I would love to live in France and here is a little mini chateau that would fit me to perfection! How I could swan around the rooms in a ballAdd Imagegown listening to Mozart and eating pastries. Of course, I would not gain any weight!
It looks like a wing of the Louvre to me maybe it is.

I would plant some of this usual pink grass out in the jardin. And I am sure I would have many pink flowers there too.

It is nice to imagine something for a few minutes it sure is cheaper stress relief than drinking or shopping!

Have a PINK day!
EEKK! My blog is doing weird stuff ! This was to post on the 21st just look down for today's post. Can't get this to move.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trouvais- J' adore

I found a new pretty, romantic, French, dreamy place and I think you will adore it too! Trouvais ---click on link to right.

I can't wait to go to California and meet these wonderful talented people who search out all these beautiful things. Trouvais means found in French.

Both the blog and web site are lovely and work together. The colors of the gardens and the love Trish has for French furniture and china is very evident. I sure would find it hard to part with any of the things she finds. Photos from Trouvais.

Enjoy visiting her and if you go out there send me some photos!

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes you just want to have a pink nap

Little Simone-Marie is 12 now. She loves to nap in her pink bed. She usually hides her eyes and since she is rather deaf now she gets a good quiet nap.

She may be deaf and older but she loves to eat and carried around and she likes to follow me around. Opening gifts is a fun thing for her also.

What a life!

Have a PINK day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking tea with...

I like to play-- Who would I love to take tea with? in my head sometimes. Lady Gaga is a person I would love to chat with over a cuppa.

Seems she likes her tea in china cups said it helps her "stay grounded" and is less wasteful than drinking out of paper all the time. I agree with that. Lady Gaga is green--who knew?

While I love my pink world and classical music ( Mozart is my favorite composer) I do love Lady Gaga's music she is unique and creates great dance music.

Who would you like to have tea with? Wish I could sit down with all of you dear blog friends.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pretty pillbox and it is not a hat!

A wonderful gift years ago from Pink Boy. It is a Judith Leiber pillbox in fan shape and very pink.

I do use it sometimes and I look at it on my dressing table daily.

Such a pink living item --pretty and useful and makes me smile. If I have to take a pill or my vitamins it should be taken with STYLE, non?

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rubba Dub Dub..

Three pink ducks in my tub! Meet my breast cancer awareness ducks, Rubba, Dub and Dub (sort of like on Bob Newhart TV show," This is Darryl and my other brother Darryl" ha) they like to float in my bubble bath and they remind me to do my self-breast exam every month.

Pink Saturday is especially meaningful all the month of October since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the focus is on doing self exams, knowing your body, seeing your doctor if anything seems "odd" you are often the best judge of that.

Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound (link to the right) and visit other Pinkness filled blogs today. Do what ever you need to do to remind yourself to check monthly. Men can get breast cancer too so they should also check.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

PINK Japanese papers

Another "find"at Tomato Japanese grocery in Norcross, Ga! I found these pretty Japanese papers-I think they are for origami. I am not sure how I will use them but my little busy brain will find something.

Again, so well packaged- I think the French and the Japanese are masters at wonderful packaging and presentation.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pinkly packaged Japanese treats!

Blogging about Japan yesterday inspired a run to the Asian/Japanese grocery Tomato in Norcross. I love to go to Japanese grocery stores and look at the colorful packaging. Lots of it is PINK. I know from working for an international linen company that the Japanese consumer (in Japan) loves PINK! Another reason I know I will love Japan.

This is a Japanese treat a round puffy marshmallow filled with a strawberry jelly and it is not too sweet! Most of the Asian desserts I have eaten are not very sweet. So was I in heaven there pink packaging, sweets and all kinds of cute little plates and even Japanese magazines. I think it is one of my favorite markets to go to.

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet Chanel our new pink bird!

Cici finally has a companion again. Meet Chanel our new Rosey Bourke parakeet. Chanel is the one closer to the top of the photo she is a little bit brighter pink than Cici.

She is from a bird breeder in San Diego. Chanel and Cici seem to be getting alone so well. These cute pink birds live about 10-15 years. My first one lived 12 years. They chrip in am and early evening. Very sweet little sounds.

They are quiet and happy birds. I need birds (and other animals too) in my life to be happy.

Have a PINK day!


One day I will get to Japan. I love Japanese art and I love to see photos of the Japanese countryside. I feel like I "know" it like I should be there, just as I feel that way when I am in Paris. So until I make it to Japan I try to learn things about the country and the people and the arts.

Watching the Dr. Oz show the other day he was focusing on how the Japanese relieve stress and how they have Ikigai -- a sense of purpose/focus. It is a bit similar to the French raison d'etre only the Japanese hold this belief --that everyone has a hidden ikigai and finding it will make your life more meaningful , less stressful, connect you to nature . It seems that the Japanese also realize that life is about balance-- we are not defined by our jobs or our wealth but by balance in all areas of life, making connections with others and with nature.

As someone looking for a new career path in some small way I am also seeking that balance and fulfillment. I love to garden and be in the garden. I love to look at other people's gardens and public gardens. I think that might be a big part of my ikigai.

Also appreciating art in the many forms that can take is also a big part of my reason for living and balance in life.

Aren't we all seeking these things at some point or through out our lives?

So my Japanese gold fish-there are two above Spot and Sushi and my Japanese style pond, my garden and my love of beauty and art are all part of my balance. Of course, my balance or raison d'etre is also pink!

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Isn't she lovely

This beautiful French lass is so fetching isn't she? I love the soft colors. She brightens up the master bath.

Have a PINK day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Foo dogs

Being a hard core dog lover it only stands to reason that I also love Foo dogs!! It is that chinoiserie touch and the dog blended together that is so perfect. I have not yet found a great pair for the house but I have found these fun Food Dog candles.

I got a gold pair for the upstairs library room and this fuchsia pair for the master bedroom. I will probably not burn them they are so cute.

I will continue to search for a fab pair for the house.

Have a PINK day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Delightful dilemma

What a delightful dilemma this would be which one to choose--they are all so pretty and the pink presentation box is perfect!

Oh, if only all our choices could be this easy and this happy.

Have a PINK day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pink Saturday and pink is for the birds!

No, I am not saying bad things about my beloved color pink. I just got my second PINK bird feeder!! It also came from a Tuesday Morning shop and part of the money goes to breast cancer research.

I got another pink feeder last year different style one that the birds seem to love. I refill it almost daily. Hope they like this one as much!!

This just makes me so happy not only is it PINK but it helps fund finding a cure.

Happy Pink Saturday and please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound blog ( to your right) to see the list of other PINK participants today and leave comments everyone loves comments! Beverly is so kind to put all of the pink bloggers together for the PINK Saturdays.

Have a PINK day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old movies-- Gigi is a favorite

I love the movie Gigi. It was one of the first movies that really made an impression on me. The costumes, the locale, the handsome lead actor Louis Jourdan. I think that some of these old movies are the basis for my love of all things French!
I love the part where Gigi's aunt is schooling her in table manners and what used to be called deportment! Another highlight of the film is Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold singing I Remember It Well-- so bittersweet and touching.

I know that the Pont Alexandre is shown in Gigi for a few seconds and it remained in my mind's eye and the first time I went to Paris I was thrilled to find that bridge with those cherub lamp posts.

If you haven't seen this movie (it is based on a novella by Colette-- as a former English teacher I love Colette's novels) treat yourself. It has songs by Lerner and Lowe and was directed by Vincent Minnelli. Pour yourself a glass of champagne and sit and relax and watch Gigi and the city of Paris.

Have a PINK day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It all adds up

I just got some new calculators-- I need all the help with math that I can get. These are pink for the cure calculators--how I love October with all the breast cancer fund raising pink merchandise.

Tuesday Morning stores here have a great deal of well priced Pink merchandise.

Now when I have to do math at least it will be PINK math!!

Have a PINK day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink parakeets and deer and kangaroos

I had two Rosey Bourke's parakeets . Kitty was 12 and she died in June. Cici is only 1 and she seems lonely so I am searching for a friend. They are not widely available. I think I may have one from a breeder in Texas.

We went to the Kangaroo Conservation Center over the weekend and they have Australian birds and animals from Australia. It is always fun to go there. They have a tame deer who chooses to live on the property. She usually has twins every year. I love to pet her and look at her long eyelashes. she is very much a beauty.

The center has Bourke's mostly pink ones and a few blue in one aviary area.This one is especially pink!! I love these quiet little grass feeders from Australia. I love pink birds!

Have a PINK day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The power of a French ad

I love black and I love to dress up!! This ad on the department store Printemps while we were in Paris was so alluring. It was also on posters inside the store. See the pretty black lace leggings? I want them.

The store did not have any, no one in Paris had any, Wolford hosiery here does not have any.

So the ad creates a desire that cannot, it seems, be fulfilled!! AARRGH

I was not the only person looking for these in Paris I ran into another woman in the hosiery department also searching for them!!

Do you know of anyone who makes lace leggings the end up on calf or at ankle even? Leave me a comment as I have not abandoned my quest yet.

Have a PINK day!
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