Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paris dreams

Counting the days till Paris. Seems like I am always counting those days. This trip we plan on spending more time in the Marais and visiting Hotel Carnavalet museum there. I have walked through the Place des Voges before and it is stunning. On these cold grey days dreaming about Paris cheers me.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty pop up book from Laduree

 This room reminds me of the dining scene in Marie Antoinette movie of 2006-Laduree did the pastries for it

 The blue room is so nice too with the portraits

 Who doesn't love this view?
 Front room in middle
 Overhead view of main salon

 Love the harp and the bird cage the details make the rooms look real
 The details within the rooms are wonderful views of Paris monuments and streets 
 Laduree photo
Laduree does some fabulous things besides pastry and macaron! I missed out on the snow globe ( I think only Japan got the snow globe) and the carriage of 2 years ago. But I saw this pop up on their web site and ordered it with my pink hat box full of other items that I find I can't live without. Marie Antoinette tea and bubble bath powder to name a few.
The book is by Serge Gleizes and showcases French decorative arts over the centuries . It is all in French, bien sur, and I will have to work at it to read it all.The pop up part of the book is just pure fun that anyone can enjoy. I've always been interested in pop up books. Many of my favorite childhood books were of pop ups.
I will probably show you some more of it as I read through it. What a fun past time for me. I knew the book would probably be gone by the time I get to Paris this year so I ordered it from Laduree in the UK and they ship.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bed jacket beauty

Not many people seem to wear these now. I used to find some pretty ones at Neiman Marcus from time to time. Now I look for them on EBay or in flea markets or antique malls. I bid on one recently on Ebay and it became too expensive so I had to give up. I guess there are a few of us out there wearing them!! 
I like to read in bed so I put one on or if I am not feeling well and am resting inbed but not really sleeping I will wear one. Makes me feel better somehow.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine fun

This is an choo choo Valentine from about 1965 or so. I love the angel making the train run. I could see a little boy buying this for his mom. I just love the detail on these pop up cards and have tried a few ways to display them. What seems to work best for me it paper clipping two back to back then they stay open. I can use a small object to sit on base or some poster tac under it that does not leave any stickiness behind. I look forward to getting these out every year.
Have a Pink day!

Be Mine vintage Valentine cards

I've been collecting old pop up Valentines and I was very lucky to find these two unusual ones.
The carriage one reminds me of France or England and the other one is Mary Poppins and Bert! So fun. I love how detailed they are and just so pretty. It is a little fantasy in your hand. I am so glad that whomever got these didn't throw them away. I will enjoy them for years to come.
Happy Valentine's Day hope you have someone to love. Pink Boy is always my Valentine and one of the male cats Bobby, at Good Mews no kill cat shelter is my other Valentine. I will take him some treats. He would really love a forever home.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pink inkwell

Just when I thought I had all the inkwells I need I saw a very different one on EBay. 
This porcelain one is unusual as it has a base and the two little pots come out and have rose knobs. The third area in the center is washed in gold and I wonder what that area held?-- maybe sand not sure.
It is such a pretty little useful object. I love to look at it and wonder who else had the pleasure of using it.
It is not very old but it does remind me of something dear Queen Marie or Madame de Pompadour would use.
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Dresden dream world

Dresden lace figurines are so pretty . I have collected a few. Some are beyond my budget but I love to look at them on Ebay and Ruby Lane. The life they depict is so nice-- people dancing, taking tea, playing musical instruments, flirting, I especially like the one above where they are being carried in a sedan chair--who wouldn't like that? 
Have a Pink day!
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