Monday, July 30, 2012

Le'ts move to Paris...A dream is a wish your heart makes!

"Let's  move to Paris!" is what I would say if I won the lottery! It is my dream to live there. I would buy a small apartment there and enjoy the parks, monuments, style and culture that makes Paris  the most wonderful city in the world.
Would you want to move too?
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Herbs from the Potager

Pink Saturday 
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I have a small potager in the back behind the privacy fences. My husband made it for me a few years ago. My herbs are doing very well back there snoozing away with the tomatoes and eggplants. It is still a great joy to me to see the plants grow and produce veggies. Since I love all things French of course my garden would be a French one in style at least.
I love to get my pink wooden trug and go back to harvest herbs. I took these to a friend tied up and placed in a little bag. 
Tea towels are so French and these two caught my eye. Both are pink and chic. I may never really use them but I will see them in the kitchen. It is important to make the everyday pretty, pink and somewhat practical. It is pink living!

Have a Pink day!

Born to Shop lady Suzy Gershman

She was Born to Shop and she sure did. She shopped all over the world and took us with her --literally and via her books. I always buy her books before going to a new country not only for the shopping information but just the general country and customs info too.
I never met her but I feel like I have. She wrote her book C'est La Vie when she moved to France to live after her husband died. It was a funny book, sad sometimes and an insight to Paris living.  Everyone says how kind and generous she was and that can't be bought in any shop. 
She lived a big life and took us along for the fun. Sadly, she passed away from brain cancer on July 25 she was only 64.
I am sure she is finding new adventures now and maybe even a bit of shopping...
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

White Wednesday Paris Style

White Wednesday would be fun in Paris!
Look at all the cool white in ,ever so chic, Paris. Well I cheated the statue of Fragonard is actually in Grasse ( he was a perfectly wonderful French  painter)
How fun would it be to search out more white a la Paris?
Here is the link to Faded Charm for more white fun
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink rococo chinoiserie

Happy Pink Saturday!
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Today's post is a double joy for me I love rococo furniture and objects and I LOVE PINK so this is both combined.
It is by the well known rococo artist Jean-Baptiste Pillement and was created about 1775. The influence of the East on the courts of the Western world was amazing. Western people loved to see the scenes of Asia and what to them was so foreign and exotic and, of course, beautiful. If you love this chinoiserie style click on link below to see how modern and stylish chinoiserie can be today. 
Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

White Wednesday and ballerina

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Just love the ballet especially the classic ones Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty are real favorites.
Magical ,mystical, ethereal that is the ballet to me
Have a Pink day! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just a short post today showing the fountain at Versailles. It is so beautiful. I believe they have water and light shows several times a year but I have never been able to attend.
Have a Pink day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Time to heal

My foot is healing well says the doctor and I am now allowed to walk about some. I have been reading books and watching DVD's and eating yummy food. My friend Debbie made me matzo ball soup with spinach and it made me feel much better.
The cats are also my little nurses --sitting with me and watching making sure I don't hop or put too much weight on my foot. Who knew cats were such competent nurses? I watch the birds and snuggle with the cats.Even post op recovery can be fun and pink if you plan it well.  A pink and white bed jacket helps make the resting bearable and warm pink fuzzy bed socks help too.
Today I was able to paint my toes pink and take the boot off for awhile while sitting down. Isn't life wonderful?
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Spend Bastille Day and Pink Saturday with Marie and Louis

 Louis XVI  wearing his working clothes he liked to do blacksmith work and repair clocks and hunt

 Young Marie Antoinette
 Queen Marie Antoinette

 Her sad state on her way to the guillotine
 A bit earlier in time -Madame de Pompadour I couldn't resist her so lovely
 The Countess du Barry despised by Marie Antoinette and the king's daughters
 Princess de Lamballe her dear friend was Marie Antoinette
She lost her head as well.

Happy Pink Saturday and Bastille Day
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I always feel a bit sad on Bastlle Day for all the lives that were lost in the French Revolution
Marie Antoinette was only 38 when she was beheaded
The figurines shown above are the work of George Stuart an historian and lecturer and artist.
He creates these figures to use as visuals for his historical lectures.
Mr. Stuart does many figures from many areas of history from United States and other nations.His web site is below.

George Stuart, artist
Peter D'Aprix photographer
Museum of Ventura County Collection
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall. . .

French mirrors are prettiest of all.

Just got this old/new mirror and just hung it in powder room.
I think it makes the space seem larger and adds some drama. I hate drama in life but in design it can be a good thing.
Joining in on Show and Tell Friday link below:
It is always nice to have a really pretty powder room since all your guests go in there.
Have a Pink day!

A little rest for awhile

I shall be resting from some foot surgery for a few days. I plan on napping, reading and watching some movies on my little DVD player in bed. Got to keep the foot up and keep myself busy. And, as usual, missing Paris and pretending to be in 18th century only while on the pain meds I may confuse myself!
Don't worry I have some blog posts ready to go so you will have something to read.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rococo White Wednesday

I love rococo details, especially in furniture and walls.
I am joining in today at Faded Charm for White Wednesday
The rococo period is lush and full of rocks, shells, arabesques and curves of all sorts. It is bringing elements of nature into decoration/ ornamentation. The French were masters at it and the Italians. 
Everyone needs a little lushness in their life.
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday!
Join Beverly at:
Grab a pink macaron and join in the fun. It is sale time in Paris!
I would head right over to Chantal Thomas lingerie and grab a pretty umbrella and maybe something lace or at least the powder with the pink puff.
Maybe some ballet flats at Repetto? Something sweet at Fauchon? 
Paris is always very pink but more so at sale time, don't you agree?
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vote for Good Mews to help win money for the cats

 Souffle-Marie from Good Mews
 Snowflake-Marie From Good Mews
Charlotte Moss she found me one day jumped in my car

Good Mews Needs your vote!

My three girls--all rescued kitties ask you to vote one time in July for Good Mews no kill cat shelter. Your vote could help us win $50,000.00 ! It takes a lot of food, litter, medicine, cleaning supplies and vet fees to shelter 80 plus cats in a clean, happy environment. I volunteer there every week and I know it is well run and not a penny wasted. 
The shelter will be moving to a larger space in 2013 and there is so much to do to new space. The money if we win will really help.

Click on link below to vote one time in July

Have a Pink day!

To learn more about Good Mews click below:
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