Sunday, December 31, 2017

London love and obsession Peggy Porschen Bakery Parlour

Amazing advent cookie calendar

This is what it looked like while I was there this June 2016

This was one of highlights of our trip to London visiting this wonderful and beautiful tea parlour/bakery. Peggy and her husband run it and have a baking academy She does lovely cookies,, and magical cakes for celebrities.  The hot cocoa made with organic milk is so yummy. 
I wanted the advent calendar cookies but she doesn't ship outside of London area.
Next year I am going to recreate the pastel garland around my front door at holiday time. I can't wait to see how she decorates the shop for Spring! 

It is in Belgravia area of London> We went two times while we were there so delicious. Peggy also had cake and cookie books out. I love the shade of pink and inquired it is a special paint she has made in Germany for the shop.
 Her packaging is also delightful. Hope you get to visit and I hope I get to go back soon.
Here is her link:
Have a Pink day!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Pinkmas 2017

Have a lovely holiday everyone!
A very Pink one!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Images of Pinkmas 2017

Merry Pinkmas!
I added a lot of new ornaments this year mainly swan ones I found in UK and the cute hot air balloon ones I found at Target!
Little Armand wrapped himself in the tulle tree skirt before I put packages under the tree.
Snowflake loves sitting under the tree dreaming and napping the day away. She is my pink and white kitty.
You can tell a lot about me by looking at the tree-most of the things I really love are represented on the tree. Paris, peonies, cats, swans, dogs, champagne, macaron, pearls--
all there on the tree.
Have a Pink day!
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