Friday, April 29, 2011

Love is all you need

Today is Royal Wedding Day!

Unfortunately my invitation did not arrive but I will still join them in celebration. Love is wonderful and their love seems geniune and grounded and we hope everlasting.

I hope they as well as you

Have a Pink day!

Pink Saturday royal style!

Pink joy

I had to toast Prince William and Princess Catherine

I made some tea sandwiches and added flowers from my garden

Cheers and best wishes!

I love this belt from J Crew

Happy Pink Saturday Royal Style

Oh what fun yesterday watching all the royal wedding programs and the wedding itself. I loved all the music and the fact that Prince William drove his own car over to Clarence House. The balcony kisses were sweet. Thankfully the weather was nice so they could ride in the open carriage.
I watched wearing my big pink hat and black bow gloves, with pink shoes and pink belt as accent on my black and white Easter dress. In honor of wedding I gave myself the day off!

It was a perfect Southern Spring day here and I enjoyed planting more plants and listening to the birds.

Sydney-Marie wanted to be part of the royal wedding watching festivities so she wore her tiara barrette. Simone-Marie slept through the entire wedding!

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Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tea and tarts by the flower bed

Tea before planting

Tea on the grass
Peonies make the best centerpiece

Pink watering cans make garden work more fun

Yum-- tarts and bunny cookies--someone bit the ears off!

Pink roses greet you at the gate

Tarts for moi and Pink Boy

In the flower bed another peony

I bent my rules we used paper napkins

So many things to plant yet

Tin plates are great for picnics--they look like Sevres china

Fabric covered tray and jacquard francaise linens

Sweet peas on my picnic baskStill like to use napkin rings

Tablescape Thursday

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The weather is so mild and the flowers are just bursting open all around my house I can't bear to be inside on days like this. I had some planting to do so why not make it fun?!
Pink pentas and some other little annuals to fill in color areas will not take too long to plant.

In meantime I made a pot of soothing jasmine tea and some strawberry tarts found their way into the house. We had some leftover bunny cookies too--someone bit the ears off before I took the photos! Hmm

Have a Pink day!

Pentas to plan

Another view of the boarder

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dreaming of white

Festiva Maxima peony one of my favorites and one of my first peonies Immortality iris reblooms Clematis- unknown

Snowball virbirnum

White Wednesday at Faded Charm:

What fun it would be to do a totally white home and garden. It would look so ethereal and clean. I do have a lot of white in the garden now. I would love to do white floors and all white furniture with just touches of silver and black or pale pink. Of course, this fantasy takes place in S. California. Yes, probably touches of pink and silver. Pale pink. I would still have to have my pinkness.

I added the white macarons for fun. If I lived an all white life would I eat all white food too?

Have a Pink day!

Presents!! and tissue paper

Oh boy a toy!

We are helping grandmama

"Are there any more gifts to open?", asks Lola

Sydney-Marie hoarding her toys

Lola running with her present

This clematis keeps on blooming

The fur babies had a fun Easter. I wrapped their gifts in tissue as usual. Lola ( Mom Pink in law's Yorkie) really has learned to open her gifts. She was so excited. Her favorite gift was not one I wrapped. She found Miss Moss's catnip toy bird that chirps. She carried it around and it kept chirping so I gave it to her. Miss Moss doesn't play with it really.

Sydney-Marie kept hoarding her toys and she felt she needed to help her Grandmama open her basket.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tea time with a pink tea cup on a gentle spring day

A new fun little tea cup with a bow!

Pink Tea Time!

Today was a gentle spring day--the type of day when you curl up and watch the birds and sip some tea, read poetry or write to a friend.

A recent purchase on Etsy-- another luster ware tea cup. I could not resist that bow and the curvy handle. I also can't resist showing off my peony I cut today. The peony is called Do Tell and is at the top of my favorite peonies list. She is charming.

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