Friday, May 31, 2013

The lushness of peonies

I still have some peonies blooming! I am always so sad when the season ends. I adore peonies, sweet peas and pink fluffy roses and pink snapdragons. 
Pink peonies are my favorite. I dry them and use them in decorations and craft projects. I can never have enough peonies. I thought you would enjoy seeing one of the last bouquets I made sitting on my bedroom mantel.
Every peony is a miracle and I cherish each one. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks to Beverly for hosting
Have a Pink day!

Ring my bell

 Door from inside we painted it high gloss black inside also
 Ringer inside
 Voila new high gloss door with new old style twist doorbell
 Outside twist to ring
Pink peonies look nice against a black door

Happy Show and Tell Friday 
Please join Cindy at My Romantic Home:

Our door was a flat black and had not been repainted in a long time. I wanted a high gloss paint job, almost a lacquer look, so Pink Boy repainted it inside and out. Along the way to this project I saw an old fashioned door bell at a house on the Spring garden tour in Madison ,GA. and was determined to find one for my door. So much more fun than having  a press doorbell that all sound alike.
I found an antique hardware company on line that makes reproduction door bells and it wasn't that expensive and it has hearts etched on the inside ringer-- so fun! Living a pink life is so rewarding. I love to search out pink items and items that make my life more beautiful--to me at least-- and also make my home unique. 
I can't wait for someone to stop by and ring my bell!
Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Southern hometown

The Master Gardener's of Georgia garden tour was fun. While we were enjoying the gardens I also snapped photos of some of the old historic homes around Marietta--our hometown. Lots of history in Marietta and many fine old homes large and small.Not all the homes shown above were on the tour. I just thought they were interesting homes.
I love living in an area with so much Southern history and also a national park nearby. I am in a modern sub division but very close to the square which is the town's hub-- law offices court house shops and restaurants etc.We go over there a lot and the dogs enjoy walking around the square enjoying the fresh air.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Learning French....

I took 6 years of French or really more like 8 in public school. I learned very little that stuck in my tete.I did learn tete. Ha My teachers were not French and I doubted one had ever been there! 
Then as an adult before my first trip to Paris I took 6 weeks of classes at Atlanta French Alliance school. It was wonderful. I was thinking more in French dreaming sometimes in French! Moi! 
Alas, I have lost a lot of that now and need to refresh enough to order food and shop( life's major essentials for me) for our upcoming trip.
Carol G at Paris Breakfasts blog (see her link on right) did a wonderful post a few days ago on Frenglish News web site-- She has moved to France. It is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to speak some French. Plus you get news too. You can replay it. 
I will be using this a lot as I prepare for the trip. I must be able to order yummy pastries and buy presents.
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goodbye little love

 She loved to ride in this little cart and in the pink doggie stroller.
My little love Simone-Marie had to drift off to heaven Friday. She was 15 and her quality of life had diminished so much I couldn't bear to see her suffer. She was a breeer's dog for 7 years then I got her for 8 years, I had her daughter Sophie-Marie. So it was nice having mother and daughter. 
It is never easy letting them go under any circumstances. I know Sophie-Marie is waiting for her and I will see her again someday. That is a comfort. 
She brought us a lot of joy with her quirky personality. I will always miss her.
Have a Pink day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pink dreams dashed...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy 5 th Anniversary of Pink Saturday to Beverly!
I had these lovely pink items chosen for purchase when I won last week's Powerball of $600 Million.
Alas, some other person in Florida won! I can keep dreaming of pink luxury... that is free.
Join in at How Sweet the Sound blog for Pink Saturday:
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Edith gets a new friend

My husband bought me Edith the Lonely Doll a few years ago. The book by dare Wright was a favorite book of my childhood. Edith is a Lenci doll-- they are felt dolls made in Europe and not always easy to find now. I ran across this one on Ebay recently and decided Edith needed a friend ( besides Little Bear) another girl like herself. I loved that this doll is holding a swan and is dressed in pink like my Edith!!
So Edith now had a friend about same size as she and I can put them under the Christmas tree together. I  put dolls under the tree sometimes.
Join me at How Sweet the Sound
Have a Pink day!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Strolling around Charleston

 We had lunch at Husk on Queen Street---wonderful food and nice atmosphere.

I just love walking around the historic district. It is the largest historic district in the United States.
We also love discovering new restaurants and Charleston has so many great places in all price ranges.
I love seeing all the textures on the old buildings and walls.
Walking around brings me such peace and such an awareness of the beauty of this city. I always see "new " images.
Trying to live my life to enjoy all the beauty around and seek it out when I can-- Charleston sure brings so much to the party.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking tea the pink way!

It is such a thrill when I find something that is practical and pretty and pink a triple delight! I drink a lot of tea and coffee sometimes and keeping it warm is an issue when I am busy. I was in Forever 21 in Charleston the other day and found this cat cover it keeps the hot beverage hot. It is so cute and so practical. They had other ones too, I got a bow and an Eiffel Tower one but the white cat is my favorite( reminds me of my Snowflake-Marie Mouser)  and I also use the tea strainer I got at Teavana a few years ago a lot whether I am making a cup or an entire pot. It paid for itself years ago.
Part of pink living is making everything as pretty as you can !Why not drink out of a pink mug? Why not use a pink cat cover to keep it warm? Why not drink Marie Antoinette tea from a pink tin? 
Show and Tell Friday link:
Have a Pink day!

Charleston "pinkness"

It had been a few years since I visited and Charleston is still delighting me every visit. It seemed "pinker" to me this time or perhaps I noticed the pinks more this time? Just a short trip lots of walking and lots of eating--more on that later.
Charleston is my second favorite place after Paris-- I love that the buildings are sometimes weathered and flaking and the streets are uneven and the sheer variety of home styles and gate designs is often a bit overwhelming.
 I notice new things all the time-- new to me not new to Charleston.
However, this trip I did notice some new retail shops along King Street and some yummy new restaurants. It is really a foodie destination now Just about the most perfect destination food, history, gardens, beauty, water and friendly people.  Film festival was on while we were there and prior to that Spring home and garden tours. Next comes Spoleto Festival for 17 days May 24-June 9th. And they are building new performance hall in historic district for music and ballet I think.The building will take awhile but I am sure it will be lovely.
I was missing Charleston and I hope to visit again soon.
Have a Pink day!
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