Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea with the Queen of Comedy

Living room the space was once a ballroom and Miss Rivers divided it into rooms
View from the orchestra balcony now her 2nd floor

Pretty in Pink at High Tea

Joan and Melissa and butler with Perez Hilton

The tea set sent to Ca. from her New York apartment

High Tea Tuesday and Tea Pot and Tea Things
Please join Wanda Lee at: and Laura Gunn at: Decore to Adore for High Tea : and Lady Katherine for Tea Time Tuesday:

Even though Joan Rivers sometimes has a potty mouth I think she is a smart cookie, a truly funny woman and she knows about decorating and society "manners". Today I am cheating a bit and showing you Joan's formal silver tea set that she used recently when Joan and daughter Melissa had Perez Hilton over for "high tea"in Melissa's home.

I am drooling just looking at that gorgeous tea set. Her husband was British and she knows her way around a tea table.
I also included a few photos of her NY apartment which is still up for sale for $25million. It is stunning- -now where did I put my $24million 9000,000?

Have a Pink day!

Sometimes in my pink life I am just silly

Beautiful weather here and maybe a touch of Spring fever or Spring madness but I found a cute old baby bonnet (I also love finding old Victorian children photographs) at an antiques shop and Sydney-Marie decided to model it I thought I'd post it for you!

Pink is all about fun, being spontaneous sometimes, playful, cheerful. Sydney-Marie "gets" all that and wanted to be silly with me.

Have a Pink day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laduree news!

Champs Elysees location

Love the trees
Pink yumminess

At the airport and there is a shop there also Charles De Gaulle. Wouldn't it be fun to have this?

Une fete and presentation box of goodies

Window from last summer's trip

I think this one is inside a department store Printemps. Love the colors!
Laduree is opening more shops and they just redid their web site--so cute and user friendly
I love the beauty products too and the cute packaging. The tea salons are charming and Pink Boy loves the macarons!! I wish they would open in United States. Now that Fauchon closed in New York no French owned pastry place.

I love the ribbon and the macaron trees. Laduree did the pastries for 2006 Marie Antoinette movie. I do not get paid for endorsing them just like the products. The one in Vesailles is a favorite so cozy and lots of sun light.
Visit their new web site for a little feeling of Paris It is so fun:

Have a Pink day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new monogram stamp for Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday

Marie Antoinette's and my monogram. This is image I sent the stamp company
Pink gift tag

Welcome to Show and Tell Friday visit My Romantic Home :

And this will also be my Pink Saturday post Please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

I love my monogram and I am always trying to think of new things to do with it. Since I love to wrap gifts and write letters. The monogram stamp has already come in handy for gift cards and note cards. I would also like to do a book mark. It was not expensive so I got a 4 inch one and the smaller one above. The rubber stamp company did a really good job of copying it and we did it all via email.

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vous allez a Paris? A trip planning lunch outside

I love to help friends plan their trips especially trips to Paris!
La Tour Eiffel she is beautiful, non? Display piece from Target

Some great guides and books to peruse before visiting

Can-Can plate by Phillippe Deshoulieres one of 6 in a set

Green square from Sweet Olive from Home Goods- Fuchsia charger Lynn Chase

Napkin rings from blog Style Sisters
Le Jacquard Francaise napkins

Each Phillippe Deshoulieres plate has a different scene of Paris

Bon voyage!

A friend just found out she is going to Paris!! It will be her first visit. I've invited her to lunch to help her plan her trip a bit and answer some of her questions. It can be a bit overwhelming the first visit to Europe especially to a country with a different language
It is a mild Spring-like day here about 65 outside and partly sunny. So I got out some of my Paris books, Paris photos and my Paris themed plates for a lunch outside!
Two books I always recommend are Suzy Gershwin's Born to Shop Paris and Patricia Wells Food Lovers Guide to Paris. It is about so much more than food!

Please join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
for more tablescapes . Merci to Susan for doing this fun blog party every week.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday!

Stacking tea cups is fun when you are bored and want to make a little vingnette

Tuesday snuck up on me this week. I was goofing around with my tea cups the other day when the light was nice in the morning. The bottom tea cup has little legs--so sweet it is a new one for me purchased locally at a little Marietta antiques shop. The little dove in a nest I made last year and just set on top of the other tea cup to make it higher to fill up the cloche.

Join Wanda Lee at : to see other tea cups and tea things today. Also joining in with Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor here: and The Silken Purse blog

Have a Pink day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marie Antoinette from Paper Nosh! I can't wait to use these

These are a visual treat! I am thinking of ways to use these. Paulette is so creative
I can't wait to bake some cupcakes and use these little toppers. I am also having some other ideas run through my head for other ways to use the placecards.
If they work I will show you later.
Paulette of Paper Nosh is so talented.
I love this image of Marie Antoinette- -she looks so pink and pretty. I think everyone should wear pink sometimes-- men too!
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Show and Tell Friday/Pink Saturday and Miss Charlotte Moss my cat

Isn't she lovely? Eric Kaufmann really captured her spirit!

Charlotte Moss aka Pink Cat
Show and Tell Friday is always fun and I have this new treasure to share Please visit My Romantic home on Friday to see other fun posts.

Happy Pink Saturday everyone please click over to Beverly's blog How Sweet the Sound to view other pink posts.

Many of you dear MAPL readers already know about my wonderful Maine Coon cat Miss Charlotte Moss. She jumped into my car one day 14 years ago and into our hearts forever.

She is perfect, happy , loves to wear her pretty bows, tolerates the other creatures that live in our Pink House. I named her after my favorite interior designer, who I had the pleasure of meeting several times and she was warm and gracious.

While on the Marietta Home Tour last December in one home I saw 2 amazingly pretty cat portraits and I contacted the homeowner to get the artist's name. The artist, Eric Kaufmann, did this portrait of Miss Moss from photos I sent him. It is so beautiful and is a lasting treasure. He painted her wearing her signature Pink bow as requested. So enjoy her and

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pink Boy and I have lunch in the kitchen

Cloth napkins and cloth placemats make a table look special

These gazebo plates were a birthday gift from Kevin and Marcus-so me!

Soup or fruit bowls came from a local shop on Marietta Square
Pink flatware from Horchow years ago

I've always got cabbages or bunnies or pretty little things to hold salad dressing

Tablescape Thursday is here!

Please join Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see other tables:

We have a small table in our little kitchen/family room area. Pink Boy works from home and many times we will have lunch together in the kitchen. I try to make it pretty--men notice-- they may not comment much but they notice all the plates and table top accessories.

Most of the time it is just a soup and salad or sandwitch and soup but it is still a relaxing time together.

The colors of all these different plates really work well --all are sort of a lilac pink. I always love a round table --so cozy. We love pretty placemats. Placemates match the under skirt. I cover all my tables with fabric skirts then top that with table glass to keep things clean. Makes cleaning up easy. The swan topiary is a fun centerpiece.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tea with Edith the Lonely Doll

Old Haviland demi tasse cup found at a yard sale

Edith is getting ready to enjoy a cup of sweet tea.
"Please" and 'thank you' filled the air as the children passed the pots of hot tea and delicious goodies to each other." Children's Tea and Etiquette 2006 Bruce Richardson

Scalloped edge pillow sham is the backdrop

Warm and full of hot tea Edith gets a bit drowsy waiting for Little Bear

Please join The Plumed Pen for Tuesday Tea for Two
and Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage: Tea Time Tuesday
Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for tea today
It is time for tea and Edith is ready. She has found a comfy spot to sit and sip. She brought along her book to read--she loves reading her story. Little Bear will arrive any minute to join her.
The demi tasse cup is old purchased at a yard sale years ago. Edith ,The Lonely Doll, a gift last year. My favorite story as a child.
The backdrop is a new pillow sham I found antiquing. I love the soft pinks on the white. Enjoy a cuppa and
Have a Pink day!

Valentine Love to you lovely reader!

Swan Love and Valentines

Paper Nosh Valentines to mail out

Joy to you on Valentine's Day. My Valentine's to send out arrived from Paper Nosh on a cold winter day. It was sunny and the package in itself is a treat. The bows usually find their way onto Charlotte's (Pink Cat) collar. I hope all my Valentine 's arrived in time to each dear friend. I can't show you as they may not have reached their destinations yet.

Wishing you love forever ---now go hug someone!
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Baking and gifting

Gogo puppy and her "treats" before wrapping

Trader Joe's Chocolate cake mix is easy and yummy

Valentine Cupcakes ready to roll!

Pink heart-shaped rice krispie treats some dipped in pink candy pearls

Treats for Gogo puppy or Isabella's tummy. Heart marshmallows sugar coated

Valentine's Day is made for people who love PINK! I have such fun baking for children I know.

Trader Joe's chocolate cake mix in a PINK box is yummy. I made lots of cupcakes in pink ruffled cups and then frosted with homemade pink buttercream. Then baged in a pretty polka dot cello bag.

Heart shaped rice krispie treats were next. I tinted the marshmalllow pink then rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper (to about 1/2 inch thickness) let it set up in refrigerator then used my heart cookie cutters. Trick is to spray Bakers Ease or non-stick spray onto the parchment to keep it from sticking. Bakers Ease is best doesn't discolor cakes or other items or the pans.

I gave my little friend Isabella a Gogo puppy (they look like baby Maltese) from Target but I took Gogo puppy out of the box and made a heart collar and used organza ribbon for her leash. then I put her in a huge cello bag with tissue and a bow. Little girls love bows (OK me too) especially pink ones and Isabella tells me pink is her favorite color.

Last thing I did was take the pink heart shaped marshmallows from Kroger and dip one side in melted white chocolate then dip that into pink sanding sugar. I put them in a pretty cupcake cup and in a cello bag. These were the "treats"for Gogo puppy but I think Isabella had to eat most of them.
Happy Valentine's Day

Have a Pink day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pink Saturday and Valentine pinkness

My Peony Passion I am besotted, bewitched, beguiled by peonies!
A Valentine gift last year I love to wrap presents!

Little nested doves for decoration

Little pink heart shaped dove boxes I made

My Valentine to You Dear Reader
I want to thank all of you for coming to visit my blog .I hope you enjoy your time here. I cherish your comments and your friendship. I have met so many lovely people through this blog.

Merci to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting another Pink Saturday. It is fun to see all the pink posts click here :

J'adore Valentine's Day. I love all the pinkness that comes with the day. I love the pink sugared soft hearts I buy and the cupcakes I will be baking for friends and children. I love sending out cards to let my friends know I think of them, miss them and love them. If it is warm enough I take the girls for a ride in their pink doggie stroller.They want a small chandelier in it like Ellen gave to Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa for Giggy to enjoy. I will have to find them one.

The little pink dove boxes and nests I made last year. Nothing hit me this year so no crafting for Valentines. The peony photos are from my garden a few years ago. I thought you would like to see some really pink peonies to help ease us through the cold.

Have a Pink day!

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