Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

 Finch eggs dyed in a white nest
 Eggs galore in my Marie Antoinette style Easter basket
Happy Easter!
I hope you are spending day with family, friends and faith.
I made little nests using my finche's eggs that I dyed pink and glued with craft glue into nests. I sprayed the nests with white paint and glitter first.
Bunny and lamb cookies from a local bakery
Everyone needs a sweet treat on Easter.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Etheral swan egg art

This little egg art made from a real egg (goose maybe or duck) and resembling a swan is so sweet. I saw it on my holiday in California a few weeks ago. Pink Boy knowing how I adore swans my got it for me and we shipped it home. I didn't trust the airlines with it.
The wings fold closed into the body.It is so cute and different. I may use it as centerpiece for a spring table scape.
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Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dying blown out eggs tutorial

 Dyed eggs drying. I use cake decorating colors not the stuff in grocery stores for Easter
 Inseret skewer into hole in egg or egg will float
 I used kitty litter to hold up drying eggs to avoid marks on them floral clay also works
 Tin foil underneath catches drips no mess
 My ribbons

 Dye the eggs in a metal bowl holds heat longer and I add 2 T of white vinegar to set color
 I used paper flowers I found in antique shop
 Glue them on with craft glue or a glue gun
 Decorated eggs so fun to do will last for years if packed away in plastic container

 I love ribbon wrapped eggs! I pretend they are Marie Antoinette's Easter eggs

 Laduree ribbon on this one
Dying eggs and decorating them are so fun! I wanted to do them a little bit more formal this year so I channeled Marie Antoinette and tried to create eggs that she would have in her basket --if they had that at her time which I do not think they made eggs for Easter. Next year I will order even larger eggs these were goose eggs from Bracken Ridge Ranch - just type that in on line and you can order all sizes of eggs that are blown out. They come so well packed not one egg was damaged all perfect!
My favorite are the ones with bows on top. I will do more of those next time and I also will spray some with spray glue next time after dying and then glitter them.
Trying to figure out a way to put my MA monogram on them. I tried it freehand with a glue pen it was not easy not happy with the look.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Table Top Tueday and Easter

 Side table in front room Dresden style figurine in spring attire
 Sugar eggs and Spring treats on side table in dining room

 Easter basket
Tea cart display

Happy Table Top Tuesday

I've been decorating for Easter-just love the pastel colors especially pink and green
come back soon to see my eggs I am working on and little bird nests that I made from my finches eggs! I recycle their eggs.
I always try and bring a touch of Paris in my decorating for holidays.
Have a Pink day!

Pink fun

Paulette at Paper Nosh  has added some new wrapping paper to her line and I have already ordered it! Her papers are lovely and really make a gift special. I love to wrap presents! 
The china is a find from California trip a few weeks ago and the pink Tour Eiffel is devine, non? I wish it were always pink! Makes me want to hop over right now.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Laduree bubble bath powder and Marie Antoinette tea

 On the bag of powder is a pink ribbon saying Paris Beauty-so chic
 Comes with a little book in several languages explaining the products
 The powder is pink!
I save the Laduree ribbons

My Laduree hatbox gift from Valentine's Day is still proving so useful. I have enjoyed using the bubble bath liquid and have now opened the rose bubble bath powder.
Tonight we may have a freeze here and it is chilly A perfect night for a cozy rose scented bubble bath with thoughts of Paris filling my head! I do some of my best day dreaming in the bath tub.
I bought this Marie Antoinette tea on Amazon not only is it delightful and a bit fruity it also has my MA monogram on the top! Itis 25.00 link to buy is below
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

These are beauties

The thing is once I become interested in something I seem to see it everywhere. Since I have developed a passion for ribbon work and French embroidery I am amazed how often I see it now. Sometimes I wish I wouldn't see it because then I either want it or want to make it! ha  Maybe someday soon I will produce something that I can show you.
Isn't this flappers headpiece cute! I love pretty things.
Have a Pink day!
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