Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Pink Boy!

Look at our silly and sweet Sydney-Marie now in portrait form

Such a fun present I hope he loves it

Sydney-Marie is a daddy's girl!

About the size of a match box

Bambino Gifford on the Today show artwork by Ann G Redmond
Sydney-Marie the photo I sent to Ann

Happy Birthday Pink Boy

This is Pink Boy's special birthday gift --a surprise. I hope he will love it. He has been mentioning he wanted a painting of Sydney-Marie. This is a mini oil by Ann G Redmond of Ct. I saw her work on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee. She had done a portrait of Kathie Lee's Maltese Bambino and Kathi Lee held it up during the Favorite Things segment.

If anyone wants her contact information leave me a comment or email me.The portrait is an oil. She works in various mediums.
Hope he loves it I do.

Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Random pinkness

Pink Saturday and random pinkness

Pink Saturday is here again and not a moment too soon. I have been hoarding these pink images to share with you! Join Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more marvelous pink!
My internet has been down so if you have emailed me or left comments I will get back to you soon.

Sometimes I see an image and it just speaks to me--makes my heart sing. I could look at some images all day I think. Here are some pink images that caught my attention and are full of whimsy. I want to create something- a painting I have been thinking about for awhile now so maybe that is why I chose some of these images. I love to eat pink food--who doesn't?

Have a Pink day!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Potager party!

Versailles potager avec Louis XIV

My beloved chou in my potager

Potager plans so pretty!

Petit Hameau potager at Versailles

Above Stonegate Gardens potager

Lulabelle views pictures

Oh how tidy and perfect above

Potager Party

I love the potager style garden and my small attempt is not perfect but I do get lots of herbs and tomatoes and I just planted more flowers in the center.

I love the potagers at Versailles especially the large one with the staute of Louis XIV

The photos of the potagers at Versailles were on the delightful blog Treasure for your Pleasure see link to right.

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love Locks in Paris

This cultural phenomenon has hit Paris-- last year bridges were wearing padlocks of love--the French government cut them off and this year the locks are showing up on two different bridges. The story is this--you put your name and your partner's name on a padlock, lock it onto the bridge and throw the key into the Seine and it represents your love-- committed love.

I subscribe to an online magazine of events and information in Paris and writer Erica Hewins' story of the love locks was in the recent issue.

If you put the lock on Pont des Arts it is showing committed love and if you put it on Pont de l'Archeveche that is for your lover. The love locks trend has hit Belgium and Japan and some other countries as well.

Who says love is dead, who says the French are cynical?

Have a Pink day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Becoming Marie Antoinette

My obsession with the French court of Louis XIV- XVI and especially with the decor, protocols, fashions and the last queen of France has me anticipating this new book with great hope. It has received some very good reviews. I'll let you know when I read it it doesn't come out until Aug 9th. It can be preordered at Amazon.

Have a Pink day!

Tea with the birds and flowers

I love to sit and watch the birds on my frilly girl bench under the rose arbor

Purple salvia the hummingbirds and bees love it!

Old coal skuttle I think it is called

Bee skiff

New to me bird cup

Victoria Secret tea pot from about 12 years ago

My bench reminds me of the iron grill work in Paris Join Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday

And visit Wanda Lee at for Teapot and Tea Things

Terri at

I adore birds I love them outside and I love them inside. I can watch them for hours. I love to sit in the garden and hear them sing.We get many hummingbirds. These books about 2 special hummingbirds are a fun read.

The bird demi tasse cup is new to me purchased at a local vintage shop.

We are on the garden tour in September for Atlanta Audubon Society. I will post about that later it is their big fundraiser. I support the birds by creating a bird habitat in our garden.

Won't you sit a bit and join me in bird watching?
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

French style flower pot

I love the colors on this

Polymer clay Marie Antoinette by Dawnshot at Etsy

Pink Saturday!

Click on link to view more pink:

Being obsessed with French rococo and Madam de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette I am always on lookout for items that sort of have that feel or the colors of the Sevres porcelain of that period. I found this cute flower pot on Wisps Gathering Beauty on Etsy. I love the French feel of it. I also love big porcelain foot baths that can be used as planters. I keep looking for a pretty one in a lower price range. Maybe someday-- the hunt is part of the fun I think.

Have a Pink day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Herbal tablescape and garden views

Wheelbarrow from Willow Too on Marietta Square

Pink heather above and pink/purple salvia below hummingbirds love it

All china Home Goods this year

I love these napkin rings

Willow Too closing soon Aug 17th good deals there

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday

Join Susan over at BNOTP
Today was a little bit cooler and sort of overcast so we did lunch in the garden. I got the cute wheelbarrow at a local shop. I am going to plant the herbs soon along one of the flower beds. I like lots of herbs growing in lots of places.

The bee napkin rings I have had a long time and the lily of valley table topper is also a long ago purchase when I worked at the linen shop.

Willow, Too shop is closing soon lots of great stuff

770 426-3099 have wheelbarrows left will ship!

I enjoyed the break in the heat and wanted you to see my views from my patio into the garden.

Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

French pastoral statuary for White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday!

I love this and as soon as I saw it on her blog Dream in Cream. I emailed her. It was going to be for sale but she broke it-- so sad. I would love to find something like this for my home I'd put it in the bedroom or even informal living room.

Have a Pink day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday for Tea Time Tuesday

Join in Tea Time Tuesday with Sandi at:

And Wanda Lee at:
Some of Marie Antoinette's china. She also had the monogramed traveling set that I have on a photo to the right. I love tea cups and I love tea food.

Have a Pink day!

Need a mini vacation?

Come with me!
Aren't white flowers serene?

Air was heavy with the scent of these roses

Come with me to the French countryside for a quick mini vacation. I need one. We are at the Petit Hameau at Versailles walking in the summer sun. Breathe in the scent of honeysuckle and roses. Watch the swans glide along the pond. Let some of the stress slip away as you wander about. No hurry, no appoitments just some soothing time in the country.
Have a Pink day!

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