Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birds are a constant theme

 Griffin and Wong paper

I have been freshening up my formal living room last few months. Some new draperies, pillows and soon to reveal new chair upholstery. The chair in this photo is new too. I hated the lamp I had on that end table so I found the bird lamp in the Neiman's catalog on sale-- so it was an easy choice. 
I love birds have bird, feed outside birds and like to decorate with touches of a bird motif. If I ever do the panels in the hallway I want to use the pink Griffon and Wong chinoiserie bird and peony paper! 
Have a Pink day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

White trellis work in the garden

White is so cooling. I always plant a lot of white flowers in the garden--especially in the South we need to trick ourselves into thinking it is cooler than it really is out there.
My back garden is fenced in and it is an ugly wood fence that all of us must have in the development. The downside of being in the burbs I guess. 
I have been thinking a lot about adding white trellis work in front of the ugly fence and feel it would make garden lighter and cooler and more secluded than it is now. We are planting more pink climbing roses next spring in the back and I love the look of roses on white. The top photo of the roses that I found on Pinterest is what got my mind thinking in this direction. 
I would use the polyurethane material so it would not warp.
Does anyone have an opinion or experience with this material in fence/trellis form? 
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Paris is like a shimmering light

Just like Jay Gatsby looked for the green light at the end of Daisy's dock, I look for the shimmering light of Paris to bring me comfort and beauty. 
I have a theory about people who do not "like" Paris --they do not really see it. They overlook the details, the style, the order, the scents. If they used all their senses and really looked at Paris --at the big and the small then they would "see" the beauty. I would even say they would "feel the beauty" and notice all the clever, stylish and beautiful details that make the city at once so familiar to anyone who has visited before yet different each visit.
 I always notice new things when I visit. It is a rather small city as capital cities run and this makes it easy to get to "know" the different faces of Paris.
Last time I was there I noticed all the unusual doorknobs and took their photos.
 This time who knows what will catch my attention?
We are counting down the days till we visit  I am working out so I have the stamina to walk and walk--the only way to really get to know a place, in my opinion,is to walk and walk and meet people and new areas. 
By the way, I just saw the new Baz Lurman movie The Great Gatsby and enjoyed it --loved all the costumes and sets. 
Pink living means noticing the details and beauty around you and enjoying it. 
Life is short really see what is around you.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Some days it is best to reflect and relax. Life can get so busy. So many things to do. I like being busy and I love my pink life. I always have to have a project or something fun to look forward to doing. 
But I also try to keep my life calm, busy but underneath a sense of peace. Some people get that by prayer or meditation. I achieve calm by looking at beautiful images and remembering places and people that brought me joy. Beauty fades but that essence of beauty remains in my mind and brings happiness.
So on this rainy, hot, humid day that I do not enjoy weather wise,
I keep in my mind's eye images of beauty and calm like the swan above.
Little  snapshots of people's happy faces, little memories of walking in Paris or Charleston-- beautiful moments to revisit again in my head.
Wishing you calm.
Have a Pink day!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marie Antoinette variations

Over two hundred years later she still captivates, she still has our attention. Lady Gaga does her version, Sophia Coppola  makes a movie of her life, and  art dolls are made for the serious MA fanatic.
How lovely she remains in all her various incarnations. I wish I could go back in time and meet her don't you?
Have a Pink day!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Make it a la Marie Antoinette... with chalk paint

I wanted to make my dining room table fit for a queen ! A can of Annie Sloan chalk paint and a jar of Annie Sloan clear wax and some work executed by Pink Boy and we have a new look. 
It really is a no prep paint just wipe surface off and paint with the chalk paint we used two coats and the chalk paint is formulated so that a small jar really does do a lot of projects. After the second coat ( the second coat he added a few tablespoons of water as directed) Pink Boy added the gold highlights with some gold craft paint and then he applied two coats of clear wax.
A note on the wax can says you can tint the wax if you want and I may still do that.Maybe give it a slight gold hue or add some grey not sure.
I am joining in on Metamorphosis Monday and Show and Tell Friday:
 Have a Pink day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Swan upping this July

The practical and ceremonial swan upping takes place this year July 15-19 on specific areas of the Thames. If you are in London pop over to watch.
The skiffs go out and mark the swans it is a swan census of sorts. The Queen attended swan upping for the first time in 2009 and it was also the first time a sitting monarch had attended in centuries.

Swans used to be food for the royal table--no longer-- but the practice of swan upping is now for education and census and conservation of the swans. For more information and a detailed schedule go here:
Have a Pink day!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Giverny in Georgia

The Master Gardeners Tour in Marietta this past May was so fun. I posted about it before. This home has copied Monet's arches for roses. They were just installed and the roses are just starting to grow.The top photo is Giverny and bottom is good Ol' Georgia! Amazing what inspires us and how well things translate to another area of the world.
Pink living is all about finding what makes your heart sing and making it a part of your world.
Have a Pink day!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet Martine

Joining in on Show and Tell Friday
We added a sweet statue of a girl gathering what looks like wheat. She is nestled among the spider flowers( Cleome)  and reminds me of a French girl.
Always fun to add things to the garden.
Have a Pink day!
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