Friday, October 30, 2015

Souffle likes to hide in the pillows on the bed

My sweet quiet girl Souffle-Marie loves to hide in the pillows on the bed.
She somehow get right in the middle without knocking any over and sits there so pleased with herself but not moving.  After a few minutes she somehow pops out, again not messing up any pillows. We call her the perfect girl,she is so quiet does nothing wrong, likes to look at stuff and sleep near me.She even sneezes quietly. 
She makes us smile and makes us slow down and take the time to talk to her and sit still with her.
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Have a Pink day!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Portrait vintage ring

I like vintage jewelry!
 I find it is made well and many times one of a kind. 
This is a portrait ring I found on an antiques web site called Ruby Lane. I was actually looking for a miniature portrait and this ring popped up among the other offerings.
I have never seen a portrait ring before. It is actually painted and behind glass. It is a ring that I will wear only when I am not going to get my hands wet. I believe it is from 1960's or a bit earlier.
Have you seen one before I am curious let me know.
Have a Pink day!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lavabo... say what?

My dear friend is going to move to assisted living and she had this antique lavabo in her bathroom and she gave it to me. It is pink and red and white and has chinoiserie scenes so pretty. 
Lavabos were originally used in churches for ecclesiastical purposes and then some were made for gardens. Now they are largely decorative. This one is missing the bowl at the bottom where water for hand washing would spill into.  But I think it is gorgeous and best of all when I look at it I will be reminded or my friend.
Sharing with friends is so important. Sharing our time with others helping out or just listening is important too.
Have a Pink day!
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