Thursday, March 11, 2010

Puppy pink memories

Sydney-Marie is 5 now. She has a litter brother Ollie and another litter sister Chloe. Sydney-Marie stole my heart when I went to Florida to look at the puppies and choose one. She fell face first into her little water dish. I said ,"Oh she is clumsy just like me!" And after a few weeks she came home to Georgia to her forever home. Linda, her breeder Mom, called her Sydney for me and when she arrived home (after throwing up several times in the car on the way to airport. Thank you Delta airlines for helping me clean her up before the flight) she already knew her name and was wee wee pad trained.! If anyone wants a healthy, well adjusted Maltese contact Linda at Talin Maltese --they have a web site. The second photo is at about 16 weeks I think. She was roly poly puppy and then she grew into a swan. She is the youngest of my 3 girls

I couldn't resist dressing her up from time to time as a puppy. She is still good about dressing up. All my girls liked to have a binky as puppies and still do sometimes. I get them the Mams binky's and they suck on them and take them in and out of their mouths like a human baby. I never leave them alone with the binky just to be safe. I don't think they would bite it off but better safe than sorry.

I used to drive down Peachtree St in Atlanta with my first Maltese Zsa Zsa in her doggy car seat with a big pink bow on her head and a binky in her mouth on a pink ribbon so if she pushed it out it didn't fall on floor of car. Several cars almost crashed because people would look at her. I had to get her a lower car seat.

My girls like to get out and go places--it is harder with three. I will show you soon the solution to my three on the go dilemma. We still stop traffic sometimes!!

Have a PINK day! woof

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  1. I have been waiting for these Maltese posts and I am not disappointed!
    They are SO CUTE!


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