Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Pink Wonderland !

Today Disney's Alice in Wonderland opens in theatres. I can't wait to see Tim Burton's version of it. I am sure it will be entertaining and interesting.

My Alice doll came from Germany. Some doll maker carved two Alice dolls and put them in a pastry shop window--I saw the pastry shop pictured in Gourmet magazine and called them and bought the one doll. The doll maker passed away I believe. So my Alice is having a pink tea with the white rabbit (my white rabbit is from Steiff and her name is Clotilde-she is French) today in honor of the movie opening.

Johnny Depp researched the era and found that hat makers used mercury in the hat process and that is why his hatter is "mad" from the mercury he ingested while making hats. I also heard on Entertainment Tonight that they digitally enhanced Depp's eyes 15% to make him appear even more bizarre.

So I will be hopping over to the movie theatre today to see it

Have a PINK Day!

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