Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hippity hop hop...

Pink Boy helped me bring all my extra Easter decorations and bunnies down a few days ago while it was snowing here. It sure didn't seem like Easter is on its way-- but it is of course and I am ready!!

Sydney-Marie ( photo to right) wants a real ,white, dwarf bunny to keep company with. Charlotte Moss also wants a bunny she says it won't bark at her! Is that a hint? I doubt they will get their wish. Simone-Marie and Sophie-Marie (mother and daughter) just want treats and extra attention. Maltese remind me of bunnies sort of anyway.

I am busy assisting the Easter Bunny gathering goodies for baskets and making some treats myself for some special little people we know and love and a few big people we know and love.

One year, when I was small, my Dad found a lady in Ky (I am from Ky) who took goose eggs dyed them a skin tone color, made hair (it was pale pink!!) out of cotton or something and painted a pretty face and added tiny, tiny pearl earrings and made a collar of lace which was the egg stand and a hat too. I had a very special egg in my basket! The egg was hollow and blown out. I kept that egg for over 15 years till it finally got crushed during a move. It is amazing to think what impression something like that will leave on someone. I really treasured that egg. I also still have my metal wind up chick and the key!
I am off make Easter memories. I hope they are good ones for the children who are special to me.
Have a PINK day!

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