Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Decorated shoes for the Atlanta Ballet

It took me long enough--- some times I am slow as molasses. I finally finished the shoes for the ballet gift shop to sell to help Atlanta ballet. I want to do some other things to help with ballet. I've always loved ballet and want to support our troupe not all cities have own ballet company. Some glitter and rosebuds and little flowers on the signed pair. I hope they sell.

My favorite ballet is Sleeping Beauty- it is also my favorite fairy tale too. I saw the Sadler Wells ballet company perform it years ago and it was so amazingly beautiful that I still recall the sets and the way the male dancers were able to leap so high-so much power in their dancing.

I made Pink Boy come to a ballet class with me one time years ago. He soon realized how hard it is and how not flexible he is! I know now that many football players take ballet and I see the correlation between the two worlds.

If you live in Atlanta area there are still a few ballet performances left this season check one of them out. Here is the link click here for all the information

Have a PINK day!


  1. These ballet slippers are beautiful!!

  2. Fantastic! Can I please use these pictures for my handcrafted cards?
    Please, please, please.
    Look at:


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