Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bubbles a la Marie...

What girly girl doesn't love a bubble bath? Such an indulgence! Soft music, bubbles, a glass of wine, may be a cookie or piece of chocolate ( hey this sounds better than most dates) and relaxation. Bliss.

Now with all the wonderful scented soaps out there a relaxing bath is even easier. I found this yummy soap at Anthropologie- it has a rococo cover that looks like Marie Antoinette to me and the scent is divine.

For Valentine's Day I made some gifts for some girl friends and beside the item that I made I also included bottles of bubble bath and sleep masks and scrubbies in a pretty bag so they could enjoy a nice bubble bath too.
Target is a great source for cute gift ideas. I go at least one time a week and poke around. It was so fun to find the champagne bottle bubble bath there it gave me the idea for the gift bag.

This tin I also bought at Target to use in my own bath area.

Have a PINK Day!

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