Monday, March 15, 2010

Library of my dreams

Even though my life is so PINK I do love other colors. I just wish I had more rooms or another home to decorate! All my life I have been a reader-I love books- and since I have so many hobbies and love art history and fashion and gardening I can sure accumulate the books. I do a major purge of books yearly giving most of my paperback mysteries to the local library.

I've wanted a real library room forever! And about 2 years ago I finally got it. Turning a 3rd guest bedroom upstairs into my little library. The walls are painted a deep apricot almost what I would call burned apricot and I took an old sofa and recovered it in a deep apricot damask and put down in the cushions--not practical --but so comfy and poufy looking! The fabric hanging on the left of this bookcase is a Japanese obi belt- the colors matched so well had to display it.

A friend made the book cabinets to fit all my books and a TV and I hung some of my Japanese Utamaro prints on the walls. A small lady's chair and an old radio finish it off. It is cozy and quiet and my favorite spot to sit and read or watch a movie. All my reference books are at hand and all my books relating to French travel, culture and French life are in one area. If you are a reader you know what a joy this is!! So even though the library is not pink it is pink in that it brings me peace, happiness and a cozy corner to relax.

Have a PINK day!

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  1. So pretty & the colors are so relaxing!! Makes me want to just sit down & get lost in a good novel......
    Have a Wonderful Week!


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