Friday, March 12, 2010

Driving Misses Maltese

I had a dilemma .(see last post) How to take my three girls out and about? One day I was at this cute pet boutique in Marietta- Top Dog and I saw a doggie stroller. I had seen strollers before but they were usually for one dog and hunter green or black. Not at all proper for my feminine girls.

This stroller was PINK and had room for three or four small dogs!! I liked it even more because it had an area where they could go and be shaded. I could now take all three for long walks.

Tiny girl dogs can't walk two or three miles like I like to walk-- they literally stopped and I had to carry them rest of way-not fun.

In Ohio, when I had just one Maltese, I used a child's pink baby-doll carriage I found at a garage sale to walk her around for long walks. The neighbors came to Pink Boy and asked him (seriously) if I knew Zsa Zsa was a dog and not a real baby! That in a nutshell is the difference between North and South! Up North I was delusional -down South I am eccentric or borderline normal! Southerners celebrate the eccentricities of human nature.ha

Back to the pink big stroller, it was pricey-- I waited till it went on sale and told Pink Boy how much they would love it. He bought it grumbling entire time that it was a waste of money (he is very good about buying things usually for the girls) and I'd use it once and that would be it.

As soon as we got it home and I showed it to them and opened the door on it all three scrambled inside so fast and his jaw dropped. And off we went. Been rolling along now for a few years and I added a parasol and I always take bottled water along too for them and snacks for a really long walk.

We still cause heads to turn and brakes squeal quite a bit when we are on main roads but we are styling in our pinkness and we don't look back!

Have a PINK day!


  1. How adorable!! I would love to get this for My Boyz but alas ...Cats don't share their space well!! LOL!!


    They look so fluffy and precious in it!

    I've always wanted that stroller, but I can't take my girls without taking my 2 big dogs along, and they pull at the leash something terrible, and restaurants don't allow them in, etc. so I never did get it ;-(

    But your life is all the better for it, thanks so much for sharing - I'll have to do a Maltese product post sometime and ask to use your pics!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  3. That is just the cutest dog stroller!! I love it!! Hope you have a great Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend!! Sherri : )


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